More Strange Skies…

Wow, so the YouTube videos on my channel (Big Asian Package Blog) are generating a lot of interest, and I spent yesterday answering over 100 comments and questions. People from all over the world are sending me photos of solar and sky anomalies… and there’s a lot of bizarre phenomena. I thought I’d update you all on my latest work here. Continue reading More Strange Skies…

The Hexagon Hypothesis: Solar Simulator

It is only a hypothesis, but it has attracted some notice since photographers worldwide have been capturing something completely new – hexagonally shaped lens flare. The Hexagon Hypothesis, that there is a solar simulator in place (sometimes?) would seem far fetched on its own, but many others have noticed a difference in the skies.

I’ve seen several accounts or videos attributing it to a Mandela Effect which the Hexagon Hypothesis does not necessarily exclude.

I’m not sure anyone’s put together a cogent argument for why sometimes the sun appears differently, so I put my research and investigation skills to work. It is just a hypothesis right now. Continue reading The Hexagon Hypothesis: Solar Simulator

K-Pop (케이팝) Exposure & Asian Male Sex Appeal

The men that the fans of K-pop are exposed to are something completely different. In the culture of K-pop, Western women are able to see something beyond the two or three offensive tropes. They see for the first time all types… expressive, creative, muscular, quirky, soulful, tough, &c. It helps that they can all sign and dance too. And you know what? They want to date these men.
Continue reading K-Pop (케이팝) Exposure & Asian Male Sex Appeal

(Mature content) Race Play, “Daddy” Kink, and Toys

Race play is a sexual fetish featuring racial commentary as part of the role play. Fan favorite Alyssa Branch is pretending to be that college girl whose anti-Asian racist rant went viral. I won’t lie, I wouldn’t have minded seeing her racism silenced by a fat Asian cock that she ended up loving. I’ve never done role play / race play sex but if I did, I think you could count on seeing her walking gently the next day. Continue reading (Mature content) Race Play, “Daddy” Kink, and Toys