‘Asian Penis’ Dominates Top 5 Non Sex Posts of 2015

Silence by Asian men was considered tacit agreement, an acquiescence to truth behind the racially motivated bigotry. This was error, and in my observation, caused largely by the cultural differences in masculine virtue. Boastfulness and immodesty are inconsistent with traditional notions of the ideal man in many Asian cultures.

As my mother taught me, a decent and “real man” does the right thing because it is right and seeking personal attention or notoriety is distasteful. The ideal man acts, while the lesser man talks about acting. Living in the U.S. and bridging the cultural divide is difficult, especially when another common ideal is family harmony and representing one’s house with dignity. This is something I continue to struggle with and no one in my family knows… Continue reading ‘Asian Penis’ Dominates Top 5 Non Sex Posts of 2015

LiveScience on the Racist “Big Black Dick,” …Should Be “Big (Tall Person) Dick”

A man reporting to be very tall (6’4″ or taller) has a three times greater likelihood of having a large penis than a man reporting himself to be very short (5’4″ or shorter). A very tall man also has three times less of a chance of having a small penis than a very short man.” Continue reading LiveScience on the Racist “Big Black Dick,” …Should Be “Big (Tall Person) Dick”

The Shrinking White Penis Concept

“…The irony is that while Galton spawned a field with the intention of revealing essential racial differences between the peoples of the Earth, his legacy – human genetics – has shown he was wrong. Most modern geneticists are much less like Galton and more like Darwin. A dreadful book published last year by former New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade espoused views about racial differences seemingly backed by genetics. As with Watson, the reaction from geneticists was uniformly…” Continue reading The Shrinking White Penis Concept