Erotica: M’aidez! M’aidez! I’m Going Down (Part I)

The woman striding behind us bumped into her, walking past, sending her in stutter steps toward me. Our collision pushed us against a building, somewhat out of the way of the foot traffic. I put my hands up, preventing her from falling and cushioning the impact.

“Good lord!” she exclaimed. She added “where I’m from, we say ‘excuse me’ after body- checking fellow pedestrians.”

“Cultures, right? I mean, here for example women like to exchange names before they throw their breasts at a man.” I grinned, pointing with my eyes downward. Continue reading Erotica: M’aidez! M’aidez! I’m Going Down (Part I)

(Erotica) Beautiful Train Wreck by PoppyLox

For months now I’ve anticipated this weekly ride as I spend the entire trip gazing upon a Chinese man who works in my building. I wear my sunglasses so I can let my eyes slide over his body without embarrassment, taking in his slim physique, imagining the powerful muscle beneath his suit flexing in the throes of passion. He is unaware of my silent molestation as I admire the perfect shape of his shaved head, imagine kissing the nape of his neck softly as ‘he reads his newspaper. His broad shoulders are always held in perfect posture as he sways with the rocking of the train. Continue reading (Erotica) Beautiful Train Wreck by PoppyLox

(Erotica) The Undoing of James Hong – Part III. By V Jessica Cali

Without warning, James quickly walked around her desk, stood directly in front of her, and pushed Mina against the wall. He pushed his erection against her as he ran his lips across her throat. She shuddered. He ran his fingers through her hair and then gripped her, pulling her head back ever so slightly. Her panties were soaking wet. His breath was on her face as he leaned in closely. Almost mouth to mouth. He held them in this way for seconds. Continue reading (Erotica) The Undoing of James Hong – Part III. By V Jessica Cali

Erotica: Bewildering White Girls

“Look Della, we’re into each other, we both have this… compatibility, let’s play this thing honest and see where it goes. What do you think? I mean, we can ask each other for anything – no judgment – whatever turns us on for two and a half weeks. We can look into deep racist meanings later because I don’t think that drives either of us.”

“I like that,” she said, looking into my eyes now. We were standing on the small concrete patio outside the front door. “Anything?” she repeated, her glance moving upward in thought.

“Yeah, I think so.” Continue reading Erotica: Bewildering White Girls

Reblog: (Erotica) Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) – Barton Pham

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“Okay,” I said. Taking off my clothes, I could see Della’s face through the door knob hole. She disappeared for a moment. “Della? uh…where’d you go?” I asked. I could hear her straining slightly, then appearing farther back than before, i saw her looking right at… Continue reading Reblog: (Erotica) Bewildering White Girls (Part IV) – Barton Pham