BDSM Former Lover Interview (“Belle”)

For me, I wasn’t sure for a long time what I might like, but I knew that I might like to be dominated. I knew that I might submit sexually. I might call someone ‘Sir’. If he were the right man. I’m not into pain play. This is purely psychological. I’m a bit too insolent and petulant, and I like to see what I can get away with. But, what if a man were to, say, like that? What if he were to enjoy this dynamic? Who might I call ‘Sir’? Who would dominate me in the right way? I fantasized about that for a long time. Who might make me ask permission to cum? Who would I even be willing to do such a thing for? Continue reading BDSM Former Lover Interview (“Belle”)

Interracial Stare Gauntlet

the person looks periodically, I’ll play along and try to catch that awkward moment. It takes very little time to tell the difference between friendly and unfriendly attention. I had some particularly unfriendly encounters, including two with dramatic names to glamorize otherwise fairly unappealing events…

He Wears a VFW Hat to an Indian Buffet and Stares at an AMWF Couple. “Sir, this has gone on uncomfortably long.”

The Fudge Shop Double Staredown. “Seriously rethink… She’s six feet tall without the bigot stomping boots.” Continue reading Interracial Stare Gauntlet

“No Asian Men, It’s a Preference Not Racism.”

What the numbers say is that there is a systemic racial bias. So maybe you, the person who doesn’t date Asian men, are perfectly not a racist… It’s possible to believe that you got swept into a pool of peoplein those numbers. It cannot be the case, however, that no one in that population is acting based on negative racial bias when the numbers show clearly… Continue reading “No Asian Men, It’s a Preference Not Racism.”

Cocksure – My Penis Story – Part I (Mature Content, ya think?)

Mature content warning… big warning.  There’s going to be explicit personal sexual stories, so anyone who doesn’t want to see it, should skip this post.  …so if you know me in real life, you can skip this post, please. Names and dates are changed some to protect privacy. This whole blogging project had been on … Continue reading Cocksure – My Penis Story – Part I (Mature Content, ya think?)