(Mature Content) Mega Porn Update! Finally.

Well friends, I realize that I’ve been lagging on updates to the adult film sections. Thanks for your patience horny readers. BAP Blog is here to satisfy. A large part of the dating bias against Asian men happens because we simply don’t see Asian guys in sexually positive roles. It’s not among the media people consume and therefore what’s in the subconscious about Asian men is a bunch of stereotyped bullshit…
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(Mature content) Race Play, “Daddy” Kink, and Toys

Race play is a sexual fetish featuring racial commentary as part of the role play. Fan favorite Alyssa Branch is pretending to be that college girl whose anti-Asian racist rant went viral. I won’t lie, I wouldn’t have minded seeing her racism silenced by a fat Asian cock that she ended up loving. I’ve never done role play / race play sex but if I did, I think you could count on seeing her walking gently the next day. Continue reading (Mature content) Race Play, “Daddy” Kink, and Toys