(Mature Content) Videos of Naked Thrusting Asian Men

Porn updates for you all.  They’ll be transferred to the menu links as well. Asian guy and his girlfriend getting it on. It’s a good video, about 30 minutes. His girlfriend is quite pretty and makes the best sex noises. http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph569d3c58284c7 (Posted 31JAN2016) Amateur AMWF couple (8 min video) and not professionals pretending to be amateurs. … Continue reading (Mature Content) Videos of Naked Thrusting Asian Men

K-Pop (케이팝) Exposure & Asian Male Sex Appeal

The men that the fans of K-pop are exposed to are something completely different. In the culture of K-pop, Western women are able to see something beyond the two or three offensive tropes. They see for the first time all types… expressive, creative, muscular, quirky, soulful, tough, &c. It helps that they can all sign and dance too. And you know what? They want to date these men.
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BDSM Former Lover Interview (“Belle”)

For me, I wasn’t sure for a long time what I might like, but I knew that I might like to be dominated. I knew that I might submit sexually. I might call someone ‘Sir’. If he were the right man. I’m not into pain play. This is purely psychological. I’m a bit too insolent and petulant, and I like to see what I can get away with. But, what if a man were to, say, like that? What if he were to enjoy this dynamic? Who might I call ‘Sir’? Who would dominate me in the right way? I fantasized about that for a long time. Who might make me ask permission to cum? Who would I even be willing to do such a thing for? Continue reading BDSM Former Lover Interview (“Belle”)