On Becoming A Pornstar: Jeremy Long (Asianschlong.com)

“Was it to rep for Asians since there aren’t many doing it? Yes, this was a big reason. I’ve always not only been a very proud Asian man (I literally have “Asian Pride” tattooed down my forearm), I’ve also been quite thoughtful about our status here in the US and things like media portrayal and stereotypes.

Still I think a better question that isn’t really asked is what allows me to do porn, i.e. even though you have a desire why/how do you actually go ahead and actually do it.” Continue reading On Becoming A Pornstar: Jeremy Long (Asianschlong.com)

(Mature Content) Sex w/ the Flight Attendant

Either way, this woman is at the rare balance between a certain kind of cuteness (blankets and hot cocoa and snuggling), and a certain kind of sexiness (hair-pulling, hip-grabbing, bed-breaking action).

For the first minute, things go pretty normally. She takes off her clothes while he’s filming. But then… wait… what? Why is she getting dressed again? She’s getting dressed in a meticulous way too. What’s going on here?

She puts on pantyhose with a little lace along the top, a pencil skirt (love these) and a matching top… Continue reading (Mature Content) Sex w/ the Flight Attendant

Want a Job Going Through My Porn? (18+ only)

The Problem: I’m getting busy enough to the point where the porn / adult sections of my site are languishing. I’m plagued by outdated links and sporadic or infrequent updates. The masses are horny, and I’m wanting their traffic.

The Solution: You… Maybe. Here’s what I’m thinking. I need to have someone manage BAP Blog’s porn sections and work with me on making them a top-flight resource for Anyone looking for straight porn or nude images por trading Asian men in a positive manner. What will this entail? … Continue reading Want a Job Going Through My Porn? (18+ only)

(Erotica) Beautiful Train Wreck by PoppyLox

For months now I’ve anticipated this weekly ride as I spend the entire trip gazing upon a Chinese man who works in my building. I wear my sunglasses so I can let my eyes slide over his body without embarrassment, taking in his slim physique, imagining the powerful muscle beneath his suit flexing in the throes of passion. He is unaware of my silent molestation as I admire the perfect shape of his shaved head, imagine kissing the nape of his neck softly as ‘he reads his newspaper. His broad shoulders are always held in perfect posture as he sways with the rocking of the train. Continue reading (Erotica) Beautiful Train Wreck by PoppyLox