Kindergarten Day One – Part II of II “Fuck, this is going badly.”

Part II of II about my first day of kindergarten. The teachers finished their counts.  Those with larger classes were still checking the last names off of their attendance sheets as 5 and 6-year-olds stood restlessly on the blacktop. When it was over, my teacher, Mrs. Robbins walked past us and toward the door of our … Continue reading Kindergarten Day One – Part II of II “Fuck, this is going badly.”

This Is Why I Write (Preface to “You’re Not Cool Bro”)

Here’s the point: there’s an unanswered simplistic message that dominates the conversation on race and sex about Asian men – They are not sexual, and they have small penises.  Social and sexual standing are related, and as such, to those who accept presentation of the world in terms of race and essential racial qualities, Asian men are undesirable socially and sexually.

That’s something I’ve experienced my whole life.  It has been difficult and my life has been worse for it.  Imagine in your social circle, it was rumored that you weren’t desirable sexually and had a small dick or wide-set vagina.  Whether true or not, I’m guessing it might be detrimental to you. Now imagine in the whole world, every single person has heard this rumor even before you talk to them. That’s the kind of narrative that exists. Continue reading This Is Why I Write (Preface to “You’re Not Cool Bro”)

Choosing My Words

As an aside, I use a lot of slang and vulgar language in my posts.  I’m not intending to offend.  it’s how I speak in my daily personal life. Speaking Mandarin at home for the first five years, I learned about English “swear words” some time before I had discovered the actual words.  My parents said they were … Continue reading Choosing My Words