On Becoming A Pornstar: Jeremy Long (Asianschlong.com)

“Was it to rep for Asians since there aren’t many doing it? Yes, this was a big reason. I’ve always not only been a very proud Asian man (I literally have “Asian Pride” tattooed down my forearm), I’ve also been quite thoughtful about our status here in the US and things like media portrayal and stereotypes.

Still I think a better question that isn’t really asked is what allows me to do porn, i.e. even though you have a desire why/how do you actually go ahead and actually do it.” Continue reading On Becoming A Pornstar: Jeremy Long (Asianschlong.com)

Stranger Still, Our Universe in Flux

This is some seriously awesome footage. A jet flew over my house on a warm day, and almost immediately after being deposited, the particles begin to assemble with each other in the most peculiar fashion into rings, toroids.

Not that I believe water particles do this, but I run through the contrail analysis nonetheless to educate myself even if it saves the government’s army of “debunkers” a little bit of time. Continue reading Stranger Still, Our Universe in Flux

Garrick Lew – You Left Us as Better People, Rest In Peace.

“Renowned attorney and community activist Garrick Sherman Lew passed away on Friday, March 19, 2016, due to complications arising from his treatment for cancer. He will be remembered as a skillful and talented attorney, a tireless advocate in the fight for social justice and equality, an icon in the Asian American community, a devoted husband to his wife, Diane Hiura, a loving and engaged father to his two sons, Dillon and Brandon, and an indispensable friend to those who knew him.” Continue reading Garrick Lew – You Left Us as Better People, Rest In Peace.

BAP Blog Is Back!

It’s easy to slip into an autopilot-life mode, to repeat routines, to let the unthinking hours turn into unthinking days… to have those days slip into unthinking months… to look back on uneventful years. Writing is something, when done honestly, that confronts and prevents this type of quiet living death.
Continue reading BAP Blog Is Back!

(Mature Content) How to Be THAT Lover

This is key. It’s challenging but rewarding. When you show reluctance, start saying no, finding reasons, showing displeasure or disgust… part of her will take this as casting judgment, and that’s going to cause a wall to go up. When you keep saying “yes,” she finds acceptance, validation, and she’s going to be brave enough to ask for more. And unless you’re fucking the girl version of Scrooge McDuck, I’ve found reciprocation is in the cards for the guy. Continue reading (Mature Content) How to Be THAT Lover

More Strange Skies…

Wow, so the YouTube videos on my channel (Big Asian Package Blog) are generating a lot of interest, and I spent yesterday answering over 100 comments and questions. People from all over the world are sending me photos of solar and sky anomalies… and there’s a lot of bizarre phenomena. I thought I’d update you all on my latest work here. Continue reading More Strange Skies…