…Sabbatical Over

I took a few weeks away from my online life to gather myself. I unplugged to hear my own thoughts and to spend more time with family and friends. I spent time by the ocean, in parks, and exploring the City.

I added a scooter and roller blades to my growing collection of wheeled conveyances.

The skating has been fun. Last Sunday, I got an impromptu skating lesson from a 7-year-old named Justin who could slalom cones using only two of his eight inline skate wheels. The scooter has been fun too but after wiping out on wet concrete, I’ve been a bit less enthused about it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try riding a unicycle next. Continue reading …Sabbatical Over

Mandela Effect: Berenstein Bears & Geography Videos

I was in a sleepy coastal California town couple weeks ago for a wedding. The night before, many of the close friends of the bride and groom gathered in a social area in the hotel over some drinks, desserts, and ice cream.

I have two modes, socially speaking. One, the detached anthropologist/sociologist. Two, the loud and laughing extrovert. I was in the second mode that night and not being accustomed to drinking so much, I was louder than usual.

As more friends arrived, talk turned to the topic of what we’d all been up to.

“I made a Mandela Effect video,” I said.

“Mandala?” someone asked. Continue reading Mandela Effect: Berenstein Bears & Geography Videos

Viva Lost Wages! On Sex, Gambling, and Good Times in Las Vegas

Maybe I’m too excitable. Still, girls are pretty, and they do get me all excited so I understand the draw. So if you are into strippers…

You and your bachelor party can get to and from a strip club from a hotel for free… just call and ask for transportation options.
If you get women to do a private party, don’t expect them to be on time.
Continue reading Viva Lost Wages! On Sex, Gambling, and Good Times in Las Vegas

Being a Grown Man w/ Heelys in San Francisco

“You are rollin’ like a boss!”

Camheely grinned widely and imitated my inflection, as she roll-strutted along the smooth floor of the mall,

“Like a boss!”

They looked fun. She was certainly having fun. I indicated some interest in getting a pair myself, and she informed me that they came in adult sizes. She knew from having browsed their online store while saving up her babysitting money.

“Was it worth it?” I asked.
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Big Brother Does More Than Watch

I did as I suggested, leaving a trail of false personal information here and there, recording the person to whom I had given that information. Lo and behold, soon after that, another person would intimate strikingly similar information in a “mirrored personality”. It happened more than once. It happened with nearly every bread crumb of false HUMINT I released. Someone was keeping a record, and that was… spooky. Two other confidential sources gave me more information, and when I realized they had no problem involving my family and friends… I pulled the plug. Continue reading Big Brother Does More Than Watch