Reblog: Asian American Man Study 2015 (Wow, these statistics are insane)

– Most Asian American men feel they are treated worse than white people but better than non-Asian minorities.
– While proud of their Asian heritage, not all Asian American men think it’s important to uphold “traditional” Asian values in their lives, though older men (35+) are more likely to say yes to this statement.
– Nearly all Asian men have been made uncomfortable by some kind of racial stereotype, the most common ones being “good at math”, “small penis”, and “good with computers”.
– Many Asian American men feel that there are still race-related obstacles holding back themselves and their ethnic peers at the workplace though they report very little overt harassment at work.
– Most Asian men have been asked “Where are you from” where the asker is looking to determine country of origin more than six times Continue reading Reblog: Asian American Man Study 2015 (Wow, these statistics are insane)

In Defense of Millennials’ “Raging Porn Addiction”

Before the “problem” was porn, it was drugs. Before it was drugs, it was rap. Before rap, it was pornography again. Before pornography, it was rock ‘n’ roll, and before that, it was feminism. The alleged “problem” has been many things, theorized to be virtually all manner of things except the one thing that it is – the people making up and accepting panacea theories. The theories are seductive because as long as it’s something else messing up society and not us personally, we don’t have to think, we don’t have to lift a finger. Continue reading In Defense of Millennials’ “Raging Porn Addiction”

K-Pop (케이팝) Exposure & Asian Male Sex Appeal

The men that the fans of K-pop are exposed to are something completely different. In the culture of K-pop, Western women are able to see something beyond the two or three offensive tropes. They see for the first time all types… expressive, creative, muscular, quirky, soulful, tough, &c. It helps that they can all sign and dance too. And you know what? They want to date these men.
Continue reading K-Pop (케이팝) Exposure & Asian Male Sex Appeal

Interview: “Good Chinese Wife” Author Susan Blumberg-Kason

“My biggest fear in publishing this book was promoting the very thing you were concerned about going into it. I talked to my agent and editor about this in length and how I was worried the book might come across as bashing Chinese men. They both said it’s a very personal story about one Asian man and that I wasn’t generalizing. Well, maybe two if you include Japanese Father.” Continue reading Interview: “Good Chinese Wife” Author Susan Blumberg-Kason

Same-Race Sex Preference = Racist

A shallow look at the apparent equal application of racial exclusion, without considering its context, may lead one to believe that the two sites should be considered equally racist. They are not, but this naive analysis is what seduced the site creator, Sam Russell into launching his racist perspective into the public sphere. Russell’s justification reveals his use of the shallow and incomplete analysis, Continue reading Same-Race Sex Preference = Racist