Interview:’s Tim Gupta (Founder) & Han Huang (Writer)

“That said, we are reaching many on Twitter with everyone from actors to former White House officials following us. Our tweets have caught the attention and engagement of everyone from Asian Uncle Tom Ken Jeong to Vincent Rodriguez who is breaking ground as the Asian male heartthrob on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. We’re in it for the long haul and we plan to keep growing Kulture.” Continue reading Interview:’s Tim Gupta (Founder) & Han Huang (Writer)

Reblog: Kulture – Asian Men Weak, Worth Dumping Some readers know that for 2015, I boycotted all “entertainment” produced by mass media corporations or produced for mainstream consumption. It was pretty easy adjusting my life and doing activities that include movies and television. Pop music was kind of hard to avoid as much as they saturate any store you go into. What, pray tell, did  I say in … Continue reading Reblog: Kulture – Asian Men Weak, Worth Dumping

恭禧發財 Five Fun Lunar New Year Facts!

The longest dancing dragon is 5,568.46 m (18,269 ft 2.3 in), achieved by The City of Markham, Ontario, Canada, the City of Zhongshan, China and The Cross-Cultural Community Services Association (TCCSA), at the Markham Civic Centre, in Markham, Ontario, Canada, on 30 September 2012. The head of the dragon was made of traditional materials, which included papier-mâché, foam and faux fur (for the beard) and held together by a wire frame. The rest of the dragon’s body and tail were made of waterproof nylon. The width of the dragon’s body was 93 cm (3 ft 0.61 in), the diameter was 157.48 cm (5 ft 2 in) and the dragon stood 182.88 cm (6 ft) from the bottom of each stainless steel pole to the top… Continue reading 恭禧發財 Five Fun Lunar New Year Facts!

Write Here, Right Now: Big Asian Penis Not Required

I’m inviting you to contribute your voice and experience to BAP Blog. You may have noticed the uptick in guest posts. I’m trying to grow the blog, and thus far, I have received positive comments and email from readers about connecting with many of them.

Every person from every demographic is welcome to contribute their thoughts about the Asian experience in a Eurocentric society, and if you have a profession or past time that puts you in contact with a lot of Asian men and women, request an interview! Continue reading Write Here, Right Now: Big Asian Penis Not Required