(Mature Content) The Asian Man In Full View

13 thoughts on “(Mature Content) The Asian Man In Full View”

  1. The asian blogs are nice but here’s the thing. They don’t help destroy the Asian small penis stereotype they only further help appropriate it. Because as many Asian blogs there are. There are also many Black & White blogs and anyone will notice that the Black & White tumblr on average have larger men. While it seems like the Asian tumblrs tend to have mostly 6-7 inchers.

    Even on this one that’s specifically about “hung asians” they don’t look as big as the owners other blogs on the page.



    1. Now, I’m just curious here, but has anyone bothered to ask why… out of every human body part, the penis is able to ignore the DNA and the height of the person it was growing on, and settle at a predetermined size, according to the penis possessor’s perceived race instead?

      Well of course it doesn’t do that. It sounds absurd because it is absurd. Some random guys made it up. The DNA that makes us up are completely devoid of “racial data.” If you’re inclined still to go with the racist interpretation, I would ask that you analyze the numbers yourself – do not trust in another’s interpretation of the data as scientific fact. See for yourself like they did here…

      “The graph below is from a 2006 study published in the Journal of Psychology and Masculinity. It surveyed over 52,000 American men and women on penis size and satisfaction. As you can see from the graph below, penis size is correlated to men’s heights–both measures were self reported in the study. The height to penis size relationship effects are much more dramatic at the extreme ends of height. A man reporting to be very tall (6’4″ or taller) has a three times greater likelihood of having a large penis than a man reporting himself to be very short (5’4″ or shorter). A very tall man also has three times less of a chance of having a small penis than a very short man.”




  2. Wow. So glad that I checked out your site! Quite a great collection of sexy Asian men being sexy :-P and will no doubt help with my endeavors of ghost writing AMWF erotica. Thanks!

    Holy shite. This just reminded me… I need to end this drought of celibacy, soon. Ouch.

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      1. I have returned. I took the plunge. Most of it isn’t too scary, but maybe a bit too much muscle for me. I don’t need supermodels or body builders. A pretty face is often enough. :)

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