This Is Why I Write

5 thoughts on “This Is Why I Write”

  1. “1-year-old brother told me that the reason why he wasn’t cool – and why he would never be popular – was simply because he was Asian.”

    Cool is subjective. And of course, being in a social structure where white men rules the roost, and can easily control and influence what white women think and do, of course it is extremely unlikely that a non white man will be popular, because they will have the “you’re not white male” status.

    That is why it is important to teach asian kids about identity, early on. Take pride, and run with it. Teach them that they will encounter people – even of their own race – who will judge them for their race. They need to take a few knocks, insults and abuse on the way. So they can harden up, be practical and let the hurt sink in so it becomes the second skin to bounce off future attacks.

    And more importantly, they need to take pride in who – what – they are. Most likely, their parents worked hard to get them where they are. They need to emphasis that, focus on positive qualities from history and currently. Because failure to do so will mean asians will be ashamed of their race, and seek only to assimilate into whites, not carve out their own identity and strengthen that.

    Just look at other minorities – blacks, latinos, muslims, indians. They take pride in who they are. They are doing exactly that. That is why when, we speak of demographic shifts, asians are barely given a mention – because statistically, they are irrelevant. They may be financially and academically better off, but socially? Culturally? What are they? They are confused. They have no identity.

    That needs to change.


  2. Interesting, I’ve never lived in the USA but racial misconceptions are universal.
    Lets all celebrate the (Asian + less assertive = wimp; = geeky). A Chinese/Asian man who’s fat and unfashionable, no abs just a big gut, the antichrist of western Barbie & Ken/Brad Pitt & Angelina Jollie emulation; because he’s the sexual and moral hero of my novel ‘The Chinese Man’. Are you intrigued? I’d love to know your opinion and thoughts on this novel; if you manage to get past the first pages. If it’s not your cup of tea, I won’t be offended, but would be grateful if you’d have a read.
    Cheers Cid

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