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  1. BAP, I just saw your new blog post about r/asianmasculinity and like one of the posters, I’m so sorry about some of the nasty remarks. I’ll imagine that having been raised in Asian households that value respect, we can have civilized discussions. Sometimes I think the excessively angry voices are ruining the subreddit. I read your blog posts and it seems you’re someone who can conduct discussions like a true adult. I might not agree with you on some points, but that doesn’t give me the right to insult you.

    I think you and I need to use reddit enhancement suite to block the users who make terrible comments haha

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    1. Hi John, thanks again for reading and the comment. I agree with you there. The criticism is okay. It’s healthy. It’s the start of a conversation if we move on from it and into the substance. I also think there is validity to their points of view as well. I am guessing they aren’t really upset with me or the other author personally. I may be addressing that more in a near future post.

      BAP Blogger


  2. Hello BAP, it appears that your blog caused a big commotion at r/AsianMasculinity (

    One of the commenters asked, “BAP blogger. Looks like you check out our sub. Mind making a comment? Do an AMA and promote your stuff.

    Tell us more about the AM blog-o-sphere. Is there more dudes like you? Is there more blogs like yours? Got a list of recommendation or just an exhaustive list of AM blogs?” Like him, I’ll be interested in a reddit AMA by you. It’ll be great for you to host one as many of us really want to hear your thoughts on this topic!

    P.S. I’ll say the commenters are somewhat divided on your ideological stance right now.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up! I have seen some of it and offered to comment. To be honest, /r/asianmasculinity has been around for much longer and contributing as the vanguard for social and sexual equality. I am a relative newcomer, representing only a personal view. But I am happy to connect and build a community around an obvious social problem. Thanks for reading bro!


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