…Sabbatical Over

9 thoughts on “…Sabbatical Over”

  1. That’s wild – I just got myself a pair of skates, too. I had been contemplating picking up a pair for a while, and immediately had a ball once I got them. Be safe out there!


  2. You are a brave dude to try the scooter. No way. On the other hand, if you grow up iceskating, inline skating is pretty easy. Except for braking. Andy and I have done that down on the Strand a few times. One of us braked better than the other.
    In unrelated news, sometimes I call Andy “pebble butt.”

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      1. No disruption there, just a PR move. It’s a propaganda standard in America: when blacks get “uppity” run a story about “good Asians” or a story about how cops and Asians are “working it out peacefully.”

        It is a historic trope in American media any time blacks try to unite-watch the news cycles and you will see it too.


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