Final Nail in the Coffin of Gravity

8 thoughts on “Final Nail in the Coffin of Gravity”

  1. Just had a thought that my comment didn’t post. I took a pic of the hexagon sun & it is just as I saw it. I was wanting to send it to you. I understand if that constitutes breaking the new rules. I was just so excited to take the pic.

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  2. So- what goes up came crashing down in the abyss of the panoptical cyclops eye?

    Like a red hot poker- popped thee eye, and a Hydra head grew out of it lol.

    Who knew the gravity of a balloon could go down with a rolling coffin hobnail?!


      1. Thanks for that lol. It’s what it is- the cyclops gets you when u enter it’s lair- bring a hot poker, or a pencil lol.

        Then when u think u disabled it by doing all the right things- out comes the Hydra.

        All those eyes are hard to poke out- so get them looking inward and at each other( with a lil help of course) and throw crabs in a bucket down their throats-cauterize them at the source: Hera’s paranoid, and kind of diabolical excuses for her reign of terror, reminding us all, of course of the ‘favor’ she did us to our existence…

        I’d rather eat crab chowder. Dipping my pen in the ink now…


      2. Just for fun: Homer’s treatment of Hera is less than respectful, and in late anecdotal versions of the myths (see below) she appeared to spend most of her time plotting revenge on the nymphs seduced by her consort, for Hera upheld all the old right rules of Hellene society and sorority.

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