Sexual Racism Is Subconsciously Programmed By Media

15 thoughts on “Sexual Racism Is Subconsciously Programmed By Media”

  1. Well, first: its a big discussion, with real world complications- but BAP- who owns porn studios? Who works in them- and has porn EMPIRES in the billions( besides James Deen and Ron Jeremy lol)

    So the MSM dialogue breeches the banks of ‘safe speech’ and all those othern prohibitions based in superstition ( lashon hara). But clearly, the world is bathed in the brutality that silence on this issue perpetuates.

    So-another form of sexual narrative is that of breeding- and that sex is for that purpose alone.

    And- it is fairly indisputable that Catholics, Muslims and Jews are known to ‘procreate’ prolifically- that many/most of the endless war narratives are fed by Abrahamic madness ( it’s the lifeblood of capitalism).

    But: it isn’t ‘media’ per se so much as it is the collusion of Jewish propaganda control in the present,and hence, historical narratives of the future.

    Catholics, Muslims are merely pawns and willing servants of that ‘phariseeical’ authorship; and complucit by default- but certainly not in ‘narrative ownership’ of these enterprises.

    It isn’t outrageous to say that it IS groups of people, and complicity by silence of others in that group.

    Catholic narratology is superstitious breeder based Virginity cult thinking; Jewish thinking is highly cultish as well- but not one of the MSM outlets, Hollywood studios; or CIA collusions with same has a pope behind it.


    1. I don’t think the answer changes my point. Unless we’re prepared to say everyone of a given racial or ethnic group is in on something, it’s too broad a generalization. It’s like saying every single German was a Nazi by pointing out the German Nationality of every Nazi.


      1. That is exactly what HAS been done since WW2 in Germany. Can you name a single German media billionaire?

        And especially as regards the porn industry-? Or Hollywood narratives. It’s more complex than in-group out-group dynamics; but inextricable from religious and tribal narratives.

        In fact- when Germany was defeated, one young enterprising psychologist was appointed to do EXACTLY that- to ‘diagnose the source of GERMAN genetic/ mental illness’ aka Donald Ewen Cameron, the father of MKULTRA ‘mind control.’

        His success runs Germany today, and here too in more ‘subtle’ form.

        So of course-taking individuals as they come is the key- but, total bullshit, unless those individuals forego cultural, ethnic, racial and tribal baggage and not just ‘agree to disagree’ but in fact become different people by standing on the same ground together.


      2. I do think that NEARLY every one from these groups IS in on it, together; and I think Germans were too.

        Individuals are extremely rare, statistically, and numerically. In fact, part of the ‘root’ of specifically German fascism was said to stem from the idea that- should an individual wish to leave his tribe, he must first put together a bundle of sticks, and break that bundle over his head.

        You can guess how that turned out.

        Hence, Bobby Fischer and a very few others.


    1. That sort of generalized thinking however, is what causes our habenula to pickup the wrong set of subconscious data. Unless we’re accusing every member of a particular group, it’s probably better for our future decisions to specify a subset or individuals.


      1. Commonly, it’s called ‘lizard brain’ thinking- but the MSM dialogue clearly isn’t a generalized or trivial response; nor a fleeting, visceral reactionary one- it is a factual, analytical, non-theoretical truism that MSM and western propaganda streams are a largely cosmopolitan Jewish racket- like popery and the mafia once was Italian (…). It’s indisputable fact.

        Few dispute that politburos in Russia and China are led by Russians or Chinese; few dispute that the propaganda streams and revenues derived benefit those narratives; but all three have ONE THING in common: Jewish groups AND individuals seeking to control the narratives.

        Let me be clear: China certainly has its share of middle aged washed up British PR guys, some actors, etc- Russia has its share of others in media; an occasional black person- but simply put- no highly organized, intelligence agency affiliated and backed; superstitious and nepotistic groups of Trobriand cargo cultists, Armenians, Celts, Venezuelans, Qiche indians; Navajos, Bantu’s, Watusi, Hakka, or even Pastafarians influencing their overall propaganda streams with cultural beliefs, practices, historic alliances, historic issues of narrative supremacy, or billions and billions of dollars.


        1. The video link goes to footage of the demonstration tens of thousands of Jews who oppose Jewish the rule of Israel, the Israeli army and the blood they’ve spilt in immorality. When we use a phrase like “it’s the Jews,” we perpetuate the very sort of thing Zionist Kazarians are happy to see… Scapegoats for their crimes.


          1. I dont disagree that there is clearly a heinous group of Jews who plot against/scapegoat other Jews- but AETD-Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, anti-ME war protesters, police reform activists etc etc seem, somehow, to have fallen into disfavor with MSM.

            As for the link- the point was that American police are shooting ppl in the back here- practicing on targets of pregnant ladies after coming back from privately financed trips to occupied apartheid states; and Hollywood producers are often IDF trained, CIA financed.


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