(Video) Titanic Murders & the Olympic Scam

10 thoughts on “(Video) Titanic Murders & the Olympic Scam”

  1. Hey BAP, that’s fascinating. Thank you for this brief. The implications come as no surprise to me once I started to investigate the FED. They are truly horrible beings.


    1. It is fascinating though isn’t it? I never would have thought, say two years ago, that The Fed and the people who represent it had their hands in so many immoral doings… i’m pretty sure the rest of the country remains unaware. Readers, look it up. It is worth your time. Thank you for reading and commenting Gigi


  2. I always thought the real comspiracy was how stupid Leonardo DiCaprio was to drown for the sake of bitter Victorian white female privilege. Women who use poor, unprivileged, and kind men like stepping stools- or liferafts


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