On Becoming A Pornstar: Jeremy Long (Asianschlong.com)

15 thoughts on “On Becoming A Pornstar: Jeremy Long (Asianschlong.com)”

  1. United Shades of America really opened my mind to the Asian experience and stereotypes of Asian men. Every race ie black or white has stereotypes but nice interview, work and keep on breaking those stereotypes. That’s coming from a white male and yes the previous post kinda annoyed me as well but I also understand your frustration “Frank”.


  2. I just came across a video featuring Jeremy in a cuckold setting and I have to say…I kinda have mixed feelings about what’s being talked about here.

    Because while it’s somewhat refreshing to see East-Asian men being the subjects of desire in an interracial context, I don’t know if it’s progressive by any measure since the same racially charged themes present in Black Men-White women pairings where the ‘inferior ‘white men are cuckolded, are also being espoused here.

    I get that taboos are especially arousing when it comes to interracial relationships and I also get that I may be coming across as a bummer but, why not create content that’s more ethical than the status quo for interracial porn today by not having the actor’s ethnicity fetishized to the same extent that Black men are in interracial porn?

    Hope this made sense.


    1. I’ll pass this along for which I’m sure he’ll express his thanks. In addition to being a rising star, so to speak, it turns out the guy is extremely thoughtful as well. Thanks for reading and for commenting!


    2. For real… Keni Styles, the only other mainstream Asian man in adult film was British. Well, I guess he still is, but he’s retired. In the way we vote with our consumer choices, readers should consider buying content off his site if they liked the piece.


  3. So fucking real that it is surreal. Someday the round eyed crackers are all going to bow down to the Kings of the East, especially the Kings of China


    1. Thank you for commenting, kindly refrain from racially denigrating language. Your comment is not removed because I understand your frustration. It would serve us all best if all of the racism stopped.


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