Pornstar? Becoming “Male Talent” in Adult Film

10 thoughts on “Pornstar? Becoming “Male Talent” in Adult Film”

  1. For a second I got excited thinking we’d finally see yours here lol. Sigh, a dream that may never come true. But one CAN dream haha.


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  3. You’d probably remember me from commenting in other posts of yours.

    My personal opinion on Asian American men becoming a pornstar,

    I figure you’d need a strong sex drive to achieve in this industry. You’d probably need to take some drugs to sustain your erection every now and then. But majority of the time, you’d need a sex drive to pump the blood into your penis to make it erect. The requirement for a female performer is purely opposite. They can even perform when they’re not in the mood with the help of lubricant. They’d get paid anyway. But for a male performer, you’d at least an erection. So check if you have enough sex drive, not even if it’s not strong, but decent enough to last long.
    I’m aware of a few Asian/Asian American pornstars.
    1) Kenni Style (Thai British), Kenni has a style and is passionate while he’s fucking. So viewers become horny and really into the scene.
    2) Rick Lee. I am a long time subscriber to Rick Lee asian-man and I enjoy his thousands of video clips. Rick is also passionate and he’s a good talker too. Talking adds an extra flavor to viewers.
    3) Jeremy Long, a new comer. I was once a subscriber for Jeremy Long. I hope he can maintain his endeavor in this industry. The only advice I have for him is Add more emotion during the act. He appears emotionless, presumably due to maintaining his erection by thinking other stuff rather than sex with a girl? I have no idea. But he has a potential in AA community.
    4) Shelovesasiancock, I forgot his name. He had a potential. But I guess he’s out of the scene.
    5) Chopstickcharm? a chubby AMWF couple?
    6) Alvin Tan, NUS scholar from Singapore, kicked out of school due to porn act and now a pornstar in the State. I bought a few of his clips too.

    My personal opinion on pornstar, if you plan to stay in the US, I don’t think it’s a social stigma. These days, everybody watch porn. They’re living their fantasy world in a computer screen. Pornography provides their fantasy. But if you plan to settle in Asia, being a pornstar is still frowned upon. All old Asian men watch porn, but society still have this mentality that porn is for evil minds. So it’s a hush hush thing.

    The only question you need to ask is, if you think you are financially viable without this industry, you can consider giving a stint in adult industry. Again, since you mention your priority is for “political and social” reasons, it would be “counterproductive” if you are 5’5”, and have a small penis. Don’t get me wrong. I support whatever profession you choose. I don’t know you personally. You might stand tall, and have a huge penis. What I’m pointing out is if your priority is “political and social”, then it’s a must that you must have those “pre-requisite” qualities that defy Asians/Asian American stereotypes. Muscular torso is a “plus” too.

    Follow your heart.
    Similar to my point (1).
    Pushing Asian American social and political status forward cannot be done by only one venue. Every aspect of social structure needs to be balanced. If your choice of profession or hobby becomes a rarity in social structure, and somehow contributes much to the progress, you will be hailed as a hero. For e.g., Wong Fu productions in Youtube is founded, not because they think they want to make AA social status palpable, but video making is what interests them. When the then youtube media platform makes their hobby visible, everything seems falling into place. You can also see the same scenario for Jeremy Lin, a NBA player. Of course, the fact that they all become well known is good for AA community as well. But what makes them stand out over the years is “sustainability of their interest”. It’s not overnight success.

    Here’s my absolute honesty. It might be crass and harsh to listen to. When I read the Jeremy Long story, I’m not gonna deny that I’m delighted to see a Tall Asian American, buffy, long schlong, coming to the adult industry. I instantly paid to become a regular member in his webpage. But I also have a life — a life that wonders around. But during those years, I have a job. I don’t even know what is Jeremy Long doing. And I also notice his production is very few, once in a blue moon. I don’t know if his adult movie is making an impact on AA community, specifically AA males. The bottom line is, Jeremy Long doesn’t care if a mere commenter here me watching his porn. As long as he loves what he’s doing, it’s good for him. Following his heart, and his sex drive.

    If you think your stint in adult industry is not making a huge impact on AA political and social impact, you’d be frustrated and devastated. The reason is your heart is not there. You cannot sustain what you’re doing. For a guy to jerk off the computer screen, we only need 5 minutes or so. But for a male performer to make an impact, it’s more than 5 minutes. Maybe 5 years or so.

    All the best,

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    1. Thanks for these comments which I did consider at length. This question puts another issue in view which I might get into in another post soon – when a person has the privilege/burden to represent his/her demographic.


  4. Beyond writing, there are other ways to represent erotic/sensual/sexual or plain old naked in art.

    Cindy Sherman for example in the 60’s; or that woman( I forget her name) who placed a rolled up poem in her vagina, and scrolled it out- read it aloud on stage.

    Meat Puppets back when as well.

    But the male ‘sex’ in general; Asian men specifically are under seige in general in the US.

    Be creative- porn is just one venue.

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  5. I encourage you to assess your priorities and values and follow your heart. Personally becoming a small part of Asian American history and has been one of the most meaningful accomplishments I’ve made. It really comes down to a recognition of the unavoidable trade offs and where your overall goals are. No matter what happens to me professionally or socially/or with relationships I would never regret following my heart.

    After having already brought two Asian makes into the industry I would be excited if we were reaching levels of 4+ deep.

    Nevertheless you have already made some solid contributions to the cause and have definitely put in more work than we can expect from another Asian man. We should talk more in detail about the unseen details that porn life opens up soon. Take care brother and take it easy

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  6. Nope for a number of reasons:

    It’s not a respectable profession. While having dude status might be important in your teens, 20s and early 30s as you get older this isn’t as important as other things.

    Porn actually closes a lot of doors to you as you are tainted by association even as a male star and a history check may deny you from many jobs. It’s very similar to ESL white people do in Asia. While it pays good money now and it’s an easy job. In ten years time? In five or even two or three years time? Many ESL types go out to China and find ESL job work experience irrelevant to their main careers. Porn experience is identical with some even worse downsides.

    It’s a case of doing rather than knowing. It’s always better to be paid for your knowledge and skills than being paid to do something and this is as unskilled as it gets.

    It’s a short career there are infinite replacements for you as it is an unskilled job. With the rise of ever cheaper video equipment professional porn is getting squeezed and or has to go niche or extreme in order to make money. Things 10 years ago which were unheard of. Like face fucking now normalised. Prolapses (yuck) are now normalised.

    Porn is a very well edited fantasy. I’ve actually worked in porn, no not as the performer but as a lighting and sound guy you can actually see the edge of my shadow in some films. It wasn’t a career of course it was just for some extra money as the cameraman/director couldn’t do everything himself. It’s a lot less sexy than you think. You move around light diffusers microphones (keeping them out of view) and generally it takes all day… the performers both men and women get frustrated, hungry and bored from how long it all takes.

    The long time it takes means drugs are required to get functionality. These are bad for your health and the performers often didn’t fancy their female co-stars. The drugs they took to get functionality gave them terrible crippling headaches all day and they weren’t really enjoying it at all.

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    1. Thanks for the insights K, the personal experiences especially. A few clarifications… I wouldnt be doing it for sex or sexiness but for political and social reasons. It wouldn’t be a job to live off of, and I had a graduate degree in my field. This is all to say that I might be able to be more selective. Still, you make a good point about some normalized stuff. What is up with all the rough oral and gagging… ff.


    2. If you are the 1000th white American male porn star, then yeah, it is not respectable. But being the 1st or 2nd or 10th Asian American male porn star, who is going into it to challenge racist perception of asian males? That’s breaking new grounds and changing the world, brother. Jeremy is not just a porn star. He is an activist and role model for all of us Asian American males. Haha.


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