Being a Grown Man w/ Heelys in San Francisco

“You are rollin’ like a boss!”

Camheely grinned widely and imitated my inflection, as she roll-strutted along the smooth floor of the mall,

“Like a boss!”

They looked fun. She was certainly having fun. I indicated some interest in getting a pair myself, and she informed me that they came in adult sizes. She knew from having browsed their online store while saving up her babysitting money.

“Was it worth it?” I asked.
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(Video) Titanic Murders & the Olympic Scam

Then there’s this tidbit about the Olympic, the Titanic’s sister ship. And if this is true, this would make J.P. Morgan a Grade A asshole. The Olympic had been badly damaged in two prior instances at sea, and it’s reapairs were goink to be costly. Was the ship that sank on April 15 even the Titanic? Well, insurance records would answer in the affirmative. Continue reading (Video) Titanic Murders & the Olympic Scam

Big Brother Does More Than Watch

I did as I suggested, leaving a trail of false personal information here and there, recording the person to whom I had given that information. Lo and behold, soon after that, another person would intimate strikingly similar information in a “mirrored personality”. It happened more than once. It happened with nearly every bread crumb of false HUMINT I released. Someone was keeping a record, and that was… spooky. Two other confidential sources gave me more information, and when I realized they had no problem involving my family and friends… I pulled the plug. Continue reading Big Brother Does More Than Watch