More Strange Skies…

2 thoughts on “More Strange Skies…”

  1. Dear BAP,
    I’m grateful to have come across your videos. Your follow through and intellect have given a calm, thoughtful, and coherent voice to this fresh new cosmic insanity. I, too, have been watching the skies for awhile and I’m amazed that folks and friends still refuse to look up, exam, see, and stop arguing to the contrary of what is so nearly obvious. So, again, thank you for your video’s.
    Judging by your video point of view I believe we are in adjacent neighboring hoods and I would love to meet with you sometime to chat about these wonderous shenanigans. I have a Salon (think Gertrude Stein, not hair) here in my hood where we exchange and discuss all manner of topics weekly.
    It’s difficult to make sense of what’s going on and especially without a forum or place to connect with people who know you aren’t crazy. Therefore, I hope and would love to connect with you.

    Lizzi 🌺

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