He Was Black, They Felt Threatened, So They Killed Him

3 thoughts on “He Was Black, They Felt Threatened, So They Killed Him”

  1. You may dislike this comment, but I’m not sure black people are our allies at all any more. Consider Chris Rock’s nasty jokes at our expense. Or the anti Chinese sentiment afterwards on the internet against Asians calling us white worshippers. Many are happy to step on OUR backs in order to enhance their own position.

    Also consider your own position and history, judging from your age you were around 6 or 7 around the time of the Los Angeles riots. Please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what happened there. The LAPD abandoned the Korean community. The Koreans were actively sought out and their businesses looted.

    Never forget this: http://www.humanevents.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/58852252.jpg


    1. A ‘society’ is just a reflection of its power structures. And race/ethnicity has always been America’s tool of social control.

      The police enforce racism as much as/more than they enforce law itself.

      Never forget: police covertly cause/excacerbate/inflame these problems, then ‘police’ them, not solve them.

      Its a job security scheme.

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