“Conspiracy” Talk Is Off the Charts, Here’s Why

One thought on ““Conspiracy” Talk Is Off the Charts, Here’s Why”

  1. Big Pharma, nany other corporations and so on employ paid armies of trolls who use these labels with brutal effect.

    Nations also do this sort of discrediting. Most famous are UKs JTRIG dirty tricks division which goes so far as to setup whole websites to discredit and harass opposition.

    Israels Hasbara innitiative includes Squad 8200 which runs all over the internet using specialized algorythyms and keyword targeting to attack, and label ppl as antisemites. When a keyword is flagged on twitter, or other SM, hasbara parrots show up by the dozens to attack and ridicule speakers.

    It is a particularly devious form of narrative control that conflates the genuine concerns of individuals with racist intent.

    These corporations, governments and other concerns often employ the same tactics and keyword software, with the net effect of discrediting individuals.

    Sadly, they also are responsible for many of the false allegations of terrorism that get reported every year via the willfully nefarious ‘if you see something say something’ mantra that our bloated security state feeds off of.

    And, these ‘online mobbing’ campaigns often spill offline as well. Many whistle blowers,activists, etc report mysterious ‘stalking and harrassment’ after online dealings, and law enfarcement refuses to intervene. All in all, the bullies make sure they get paid, working together.

    So-chances are, this form of bullying is actually the whole product of these entities as we the people try to negotiate our personal safety online.


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