This Coward’s False Accusation Relied on Asian Male Stereotypes and Nearly Imprisoned an Innocent Man

20 thoughts on “This Coward’s False Accusation Relied on Asian Male Stereotypes and Nearly Imprisoned an Innocent Man”

  1. If there’s one thing I could ask Graham Harper today:

    I’m glad the truth is out there. Turns out the media “hero” was an out-of-control drunken bully. Even after the courts found Ha innocent and having acting in self-defense, Harper tried to sue the Ha family.

    Harper seems like a real piece of work. And by “work,” I mean trash.


  2. F Harper. If he did that shit to me, I would put a bullet in his skull and leave him drowning in his own pool of blood. Bring it on whiteboy coward.


  3. Lastly, ditto for me, in ways I cannot discuss: “I have massive respect for Ha.  This guy has fucking BALLS. He got attacked three times that night, and fought back.  He got bullied by the cops and DA, got kicked out from school “


  4. Privileging narratives is dirty business. While I can understand white girl angst over the hordes of Asian Vaginas, I can only chuckle at how these same girls have no respect, understanding, or even self restraint in how they approach the topic. Othering begins with dehumanization- and womens cold brutal ability to negate the humanity of Asian women constantly astounds me.

    The centerpiece ( piece) on the table is seldom, actually, the ‘exotic’ but always the unspoken ‘pragmatic’: Asian women don’t grow up, generally, as ‘special snowflakes’ but rather, human beings.


  5. Inserting Graham into ‘little Asian vaginas’ thats pretty telling of the white female angst-ridden narrative for sure. I call that the ‘race-gap’…

    Therevis this idea not only that Asians are little ( always amazed at 6’2″northern Chinese ppl) but also, that Asian womens vaginas are ‘tight’ and ‘little’.

    I think that comes largely from two sources: the Viet Nam warcwhere American soldiers were often forced- by Henry Kissingers NWO dictates, to rape children. Secondly, that in the desperation of post war Viet/Laos/Cambodian etc, the inevitable cash fliw if black ops – heroine trade- also commoditized young vaginas: that common sense dictated that young females are/were not only profitable( because MKULTRA/BLUEBIRD/MINARCH could train them, but also extend their net worth via years in service) but also, thus, exportable- that their service to ‘America’ could be elongated.

    Don’t ask me though- ask any aged matriarch who ever had a nail salon in your area…

    So- the white girl competed with things she could never know about; empathized perhaps or envied things she could only fear.

    Thus, the mythical power of the ‘asian vagina’ becomes for some a bogeyman…( woman).

    Angst is no joke, and projection no friend.

    White men are no slouches at memory either. The question becomes that of a deeper narrational framework: were these white girls motivated by the men, or their iwn vagina envy? Motivated by allegiance to ‘white virtue’ or defiance against male desire for idealuzed/subjugated vaginas?

    And, profitability paradigms of vaginal proportions??


  6. I do take one exception to your narrative: if and when a blood vessel breaks on impact( and many whites have veins closer to the skin-visibly at least) immediate swelling and bruising-like damage occurs. There is another name for it, but I am not a fight-doctor.

    Regardless, White people bleed, quickly, and notoriously. I am tempted to mention some of Muhammed Ali’s conquests like Chuck Norton, but I havent seen thecreels in so long I cant remember.

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  7. Tell me honestly: did u write this or did you have help? Its purely brilliant.

    “White men protect women, they are “heroes” and Asian men are angry and cowardly and attack women over trivial things.”

    This narrative is not just white, though we see it plainly in our white dominant culture. But there is a much, much deeper level: the narrative of white slavery against a backdrop of Asian hordes. Add to that the capitalization upon, and historical alliance between Jewish pimps and shiksa ‘whores'( especially in Europe, 1920’s)- and you have a novel.

    Even Jews today are questioning the(ir) historic capitalization upon the ‘poor white girl’ narrative.
    These girls are every single bit complicit in their own oppression, and their own capitalization. If I had even one penny from any/every conflict I have avoided by these same girls you (oddly) adulate, I would be richer than Jeffrey Epstein ( who is a convicted Jewish procurer of underage girls for Bill Clinton, and that general band of baby bangers).

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