Reblog: How to Survive Being an Asian Male

7 thoughts on “Reblog: How to Survive Being an Asian Male”

  1. BAP ~ Balls I say to that. If you were British Chinese you would know who I am. I am the biker who went around the world ALONE proving I have more balls than most other bikers.

    I am the man who nearly died twice in his first ten skydives. I retired at jump 240 due to it being boring.

    I am the man who holds #3 position for the semi official world record for the A57 Snake pass. The only two people faster than me are F and J. Both women (funny enough).

    I’m the person who got into constant fights in my youth.

    I’m the person who gets in the papers constantly for massive charity fund raising.

    Does this some how elevate me above the white man or nerds? Does it fuck. People are still happy to attack me in the street, people are still happy to be racist, people are still happy to call small dick.
    Even the fucking diversity officer at Birmingham council was happy to say chinky fucker while I stood behind him.

    The only way in which to elevate us and elevate us all is FEAR.

    The 60s and 70s Chinese learned this as when they were attacked the person doing the attacking was often murdered.

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    1. I believe that you have brought yourself to a level of achievement that vis-a-vis your racial-social encounters puts doubt on the authors suggestion as a solution per se. Your experiences are similar to many men of Asian heritage in the Euro-dominant cultures of the Americas and Europe.

      Fear is one way to modify behavior, but I think in terms of long term lasting solutions, makes for problems similar to those esperienced by black men in America. Fear can be exploited to the point where 20% of the population becomes the majority of the incarcerated population. I advocate for mutual respect, and while it is probably slower than fear in getting initial results, I think it may outperform fear in lasting power.


  2. So what he’s saying is don’t be yourself…I don’t agree with him, at some point someone is going to be find out and then whatever relationship is happening won’t…

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    1. It’s a fair point you raise, and in the context of finding a relationship that lasts, i believe you are absolutely correct.

      However, your view on relationships may be more evolved. The author might have been contemplating a coupling on a much shorter term.


      1. I suppose, but you never know what anything might lead too…so, even if you only plan on seeing them that one time…just be yourself…


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