Interview: “Good Chinese Wife” Author Susan Blumberg-Kason

11 thoughts on “Interview: “Good Chinese Wife” Author Susan Blumberg-Kason”

  1. What an excellent and personal interview. Even after so much time since I read the book, it’s still great to learn something new. Glad that most people didn’t get the wrong idea and seem to understand your take on your experiences, Susan! (And, of course, glad that it’s understood your experience isn’t representative of all of a certain demographic…)

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    1. Thanks Ray! Susan was fantastic. It was enriching to hear her talk about the book just after I had read it. I’m going to try to add more interviews to the site. Next on the list is Jeremy Long, and I might even attempt to snag Steven Yuen.

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  2. Nice interview! You know, it never occurred to me that people would use Cai as an example of why you shouldn’t date out of your race. I mean, there are assholes in every race and religion. Maybe if people bothered to dip their toes in ponds of different colors, they would learn this.

    Still, that’s a serious issue and I appreciate you both wading into it for this clueless reader. :)

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    1. Thanks so much, Autumn! I guess I’ve always been sensitive about coming across as generalizing, no matter who I’m talking about. It could be that I was always told in Hong Kong and China that I didn’t seem like a typical American or that I wasn’t like the Jews someone knew. Whatever that meant. So when I wrote this book, I wanted to make sure I didn’t generalize. But some people will interpret it differently and that’s natural and unavoidable!

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