Guys With Guns vs. Rule Makers

2 thoughts on “Guys With Guns vs. Rule Makers”

  1. NPR had a segment on gun control this afternoon. Much of what was covered in that segment can be seen here:

    Points that stuck out to me as I listened to the segment:
    * When presented with specific questions (e.g. should prospective firearm purchasers be subjected to background checks?), gun-owners and non-owners alike were overwhelmingly (~80%) in favor of background checks
    * The same groups agreed that guns should be kept away from people with mental disturbances and histories of domestic violence
    * The NRA contributes considerable dollars towards the coffers of senators and congressmen alike, influencing them to cast votes that may not be in line with the interests of their constituents

    If our ‘democracy’ fails to act in accordance with the interests of the people, then is it a good government?

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    1. I don’t disagree on the substantive issue. I favor it and so I focus on your third point which is a fair observation.

      I realize this is a bit of an oversimplification, but to draw out my metaphor, this would be akin to saying, “well, our quality control department really sucks, they’re ineffective.” The solution, ideally, would be to reform the QC department, not let them sit and earn pay checks for a job poorly done.

      The major difference, of course, is that to the dismay of Americans, our legislature has been beholden to lobbyists for too long, Americans have disapproved of this for almost as long, but yet it remains the same. If the will of the People is indeed as strong and united in this issue as we believe, it may very well be the thing to break the logjam.

      The separation between the enforcers and the rule makers is, in my opinion, not dispensable to a nation seeking long term peace and prosperity.


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