“I Spent $2.1 Million to Read Your Emails & Humiliate You…”

3 thoughts on ““I Spent $2.1 Million to Read Your Emails & Humiliate You…””

  1. In camera, your numbers wither and 6.4 mil leaves out the DHS boots in the ground, bloggers paid or subsidized or further promoted to act as agents, private security companies that make mega mils, the use of AIPAC to generate tips and leads, fusion centers that re-route calls, and of course- in case you haven’t heard about it, airplanes that fly hundreds of miles , comb through hundreds of thousands of phone numbers nust ti find one or two non conforming opinions(….)and of course, local law enfarcement running on your rooftopsor slobbering at your windowsills for a peek at your dick- so: “$6.4 million every year to sift through your phone calls for confessions, scan your email for those juicy nude selfies, and to record into a database what you buy on Amazon, eBay, or any online retailer.”

    Seems like an under-estimate. Where did you get that- from the Dight Center of Minnesota? Geez: even the LAPD can come up with better numbers-

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