The False Rape Statistics Behind “Rape Culture”

2 thoughts on “The False Rape Statistics Behind “Rape Culture””

  1. Hate to be redundant- but this topic is a sore spot for me for various personal reasons, which I am elaborating in my novel.

    My last point is this: like all organizations that begin, and remain under the nepotism if Jewish culture, the narrative only becomes more corrupt, more racist, and more exclusive.

    I am old enough to remember when White Anglo Saxon Protestants were the arch- foe of Jewish American Princesses. (WASPs v JAPs)

    Back then, it wasn’t considered racist to frame the issue that way, because Jews were generally underdogs.

    Today that is not the case- as we see how fat Dianne Feinstein, her military contractor husband et al are becoming by dining on Iraqi and Syrian babies, as they routinely bomb Palestinians ( who ACTUALLY have semitic blood in their veins)….

    The classic example of this institutional nepotism outside of Hollywood is the Southern Poverty Law Center. Morris Dees started so nobly- taking on the bad guys and mapping hate groups.

    Nice idea, Morris- but he became merely a publicity whore- while lining his pockets! Taking only high profile cases while skurting any real social issues- like the Innocence project ( for instance….).

    In the end, what? The chicken came him to lay an egg on his face when his underaged stepdaughter accused him of rape. Hahahahaha ( I am still laughing at that.) hahaha.

    Now every individual or group that points out how racist and hateful Jewish narratives of power are- whammo! On the SPLCs watchlist! Extra squad cars outside the synagogues!

    But there are dozens more examples.

    It’s such a naked, hypocritical grab for power unrivaled by anyone but Nazi’s, Zionists, and other race- based militarists- and it starts with these lies like rapeflation.


  2. Speaking of inflammatory: before I get accusedvof being anti-shemitic, here’s a link that documents the Jewish pimping, rape hysteria, and white slavery narratives that these Progressives feed off of:

    So- in that state you have Jewish progressives like Al Franken, and Phyllis Kahn who have replaced the Kkklan as the moral compass if “white” culture, and instead of book burnings, and late night cross burnings, you have these people calling the feds and cause stalking when ‘bad words’ get in the way of their pimping of primarily, non-Jewish girls and gays.

    Phyllis Kahn’s district is curiously the University of MN, and if anyone ever wanted to write a small novel about how Jewish rape hysteria and white female rape anxiety work together with police, that would be a good place to start.

    Gee- I hope I didn’t offend anybody….but the truth is a fickle bitch.


    ” If truth is objective- why do you subject me to it???”


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