Asian Men & Boys Targeted for Bullying, Violence

5 thoughts on “Asian Men & Boys Targeted for Bullying, Violence”

  1. Remember this one? Chinese Japanese, Pekinese, dirty knees/ on your knees, better say please? I remember how kids used to say these things and laugh- I never understood why it was supposed to be funny.

    Then, I repeated it, just to see what other kids thought- felt so odd. And somehow, there’s this sense of power associated with that crap- like weird insider knowledge.

    I never got it, nor was aware of the racism of it.

    In those days, as little boys, we would walk past houses with stars in the windows- one star meant one son lost in war, two stars, two sons, and so on. So.e “heroic mothers” had six or more stars in the windows! We always sort of wondered on some level how herousm, motherhood, and dead sons tied together….

    The stars were color coded, but I forget the code- gold, silver red blue or something.

    And we knew somehow, those stars meant the Japs, the Gooks, or the Krauts killed ” Americans.”

    We also knew, as boys, that only boys would face the prospect of such “stardom”. That we might be that star some day, but not girls.

    So- it was quite common then to wonder about why the “slants” wanted to kill us so bad.

    And it was a bit confusing figuring out how the Krauts and the Nips were the same thing….! No one ever fully explained it.

    And worse- the propaganda stream only showed Hogans Heros, and such- but no daytime serials or comedies about the Japanese war front!

    In later tears- much later- I began to undestand racism on a different level: the people who make propaganda in Hollywood had not yet developed a well rounded enemy in Asia- there was no history between Jews and” Japs” to mock, write about, or serialize, whereas Nazi’s and eastern European Jews were like brothers in the crime of power through propaganda….


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