Reblog: Justice for Fong Lee

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  1. You have no idea how pissed I was when. I saw this- you know, there is one other case where Hmong made the news in a huge way : Chai Suoa Vang, the hunter who killed evil giants. I was chased through cornfields in Wisconsin with pitchforks when I distributed leaflets to free him ( this is a metaphor of course).

    But the case of the Hmong hunter and the white people bears MUCH repeating
    …. I mean- can you imagine being pursued by a tribe intent on killing you- and killing their tribe instead?!

    He was railroaded. He is a modern day Billy the Kid, but with shaman chops.

    He’s one of my heros. I, too, faced those WI rednecks unarmed, and lost

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  2. The publuc? Whi are THEY anymore? So much if US “public opinion” is directly feuled by disinfo from Israeli black battalions, and echoed by our own military industrial machine.

    So independent sources and orchestrated releases of counter narrative are the only effective tool.

    Snowden was decades ahead if his time.


      1. I have had threats by those same people in this exact regard. If losing everything I own, and everyone I love in order to reveal them, well, lets just say I’m more than ready.

        Their intimidation and threats have no effect once you put fear off the table, because sometimes the story tells itself, and heads roll, jobs are lost by these perpetrators.

        Framing the narrative as a war against blacks only reinforces racism- but pointing fingers at the narration and the narrative itself can have a great effect.

        Civil forfeiture laws in that state recently got shot in the face- the supreme court there set standards for the first time.

        Thatcstate is relatively incestuous in its power structures, and yet easy to reveal at a political level- but they actuvely hunt and prey upon “outsiders”with a highly organized stalking and whisper campaign apparatus.

        Take a look at this:

        It is primarily a Democrat- socialist- progressive power structure; the same people who gave us the KKK, and eugenics, and same have a virtual lick-down in lical media against counter narratives.


  3. I was in that city when it happened- the classic cop throaway pistol drop.

    Those cops up there use kids in gang stslking operations. They bust a kid doing kidcshit, and then blackmail those kids into different “covert operations” doing illegal shit for them, in exchange for letting the kid off the hook.

    Then, when the kid residts being used that way, these shootings “occur.”

    #TycelNelson was one of those kids back in the 90’s. The MPD needs some federal oversight for sure. One of the most corrupt departments in the midwest next to Chicago.

    Then there’s this, ehere once again, Hmong people are terrorized:

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    1. Isn’t it sad how well known that piece of deception is? An accused person is easily convicted without prints on a gun – and if the police and prosecution have it, well, they’ll grand stand all day before a petite jury calls it a night.

      Resetting our norms for a moment, we all should consider this: that violence and violating another person is abhorrent. We would do without police if that were practical, but it isn’t. We give our consent to do violence with reluctance to the only state apparatus to cause violent injury as a matter of course (non judicial)… Every person who does not speak against police injustice is committing the act of violence him or herself through agency.


      1. I write about that a lot. You likely disagree, but I point the finger at white female privileged narrative- the false rape crying was a crucial tool for progressives to use in building this police climate ripe for abuse.

        I have the advantage of knowing that the Russian-Ukrainian Jewish mob and its people pimped and used white women strategically in such ways.

        My mother and step father were such a pair.


    2. By the way, the law around confidential informants (referenced in your linked article) is what I mean by giving them secrecy. Secrecy + power = abuse. Not some of the time, all of the time.


            1. I have a good deal of personal knowledge of the unethical tactics, including those concerning confidential informants, used to imprison people, and I am really happy to hear they got exposed. I wonder whether the public thinks this is a one-off. I’d like to hope not, but we’ll see. It happens all over the country – state and federal.


              1. If you have that knowledge, I hope you find the courage to expose it.

                Obviously, you must be carefull, get the paperwork in order as well as “plausible deniability” in place. Get allies who can fill in the details, documentation and so on.

                And take a long hard look at journo’s who actually are willing to go to jail to protect their sources. We are a dying breed.

                But I like your spirit with it. Your heart is in the right place.


      1. What needs to happen is that people in the system, peripheral to these cops and cases need to quietly organize and take ethical stsnds against this hidden police state.

        While it was once feasible for white feminists to cry wolf over false rape- which is what built this hidden police state- now its time to raise the alarm over these abuses.
        Drop the partisan stances and organize against the hidden system at any chance you get.

        I don’t care if its a repub or dem, KKK or JDL/ SPLC- this partisanship is killing democracy, and the other footsolduers- the sicial workers, lawyers, prison guards- they need to come forwards like Snowden did.

        Anyone with access to notes and records that indict the system needs to get ready-and organize quietly because the Constitution is out the window without them.


        1. And especially the same who built this system of abuse need to step forward and acknowledge the harm of it. I point the finger at McKinnon, Dworkin, Chodorow, Wrangham, Feinstein and more.

          The VAWA and the war on domestic violence was ACTUALLY domestic violence acted out institutionally by any standard of ‘what violence is’.

          While ut’s tempting to say that these actions benefit “black” people, and by assiciation, “others”, the reality is that only white women and those who endorse their neo- Victorian imperialism benefitted.

          And for all those crying ( in racialized terms) about black men getting shot in the back, sadly, the white female narrative of privilege stops them from seeing what is happening in the world beyond their vaginas.

          Here, I say- here girls, a purple pister-child of whiteness in the firm of the dead white man, Kelly Thomas- who recently won a pist mortem settlement of 4.9 million dollars after he was beat to death in Fullerton:

          ” I don’t care whether your black, white or purple,” they say….Kelly Thomas and many other po’ white trash have been dying for centuries too.


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