ISIS (ISIL/Islamic State) Origins in the United States

21 thoughts on “ISIS (ISIL/Islamic State) Origins in the United States”

  1. Lastly- why do you think suchva group hadn’t been formed already?
    Considering that the ladt decades push for girls to become scientists, your gap- filling study group recomendation is likely on the table….or on hundreds of them across the University system at any given moment.

    Unrelated: have you heard of the tapeworm that gave cancer to its human host in last weeks news cycle?

    Or the herpes of tasmanian devils from a few years back?


  2. I find little/ lits of irony in your comment- and can verify with certainty, and photographic evidence that there are no warranted entries anymore.

    In re: Hudson “The Court also found that the social costs of the exclusionary rule as applied to the knock-and-announce rule outweighed any possible “deterrence benefits,” and that alternative measures such as civil suits and internal police discipline could adequately deter violations.”

    I find it quaint that the Supreme Court could possibly consider that such a thing as ‘adequate safeguards’ against cop abuse are congruous with modern American policing.

    #JamarClark #LaquanMcDonald

    At first glance, the court merely appears out of touch with reality. On cliser examination, we see they are corrupt to the core- but Fabian puppets, each and every one.

    And on deeper analysis, we can watch the perversity that is the Jewish- catholic narrative about vaginas, and why some people ( Jew-catholics) shouldn’t breed.

    I think it was Scalia recently noted as much. And I find Scalia to be quite interesting of late, as I see what has become of the leftern leaning amingst us now that they have their entitlements- they are every bit as right, but in a leftist way.

    And this is just my opininion, coming from a very Jew-catholic ( which could properly be abbreviated as Jewlick….) background.

    America has been invaded in the quietest invasion ever in the history of modern warfare by a multi-racial Klan backed by bankster-troops.

    When its all over, there will be no Constitution.

    And we can thank the Fabians on the court who have no power against the police state for that.

    These are Roman Times indeed….


  3. Historically, Jews are treasured by the powerful, because they are international, bringing gissip and tales from one “court” to another.

    Madeline Korbels-Albright is a perfect example- her history and sociopathy are straining in credulity.

    The goyim all feel privileged to have such worldly travelers who bring the riches, but are quite disheartened when they realize that ships sail both ways.

    So the problem isn’t Jews alone- its the religious systems of control thatallows for exceptionalism and dual citizenship for a select few.


    1. I’m going to write about monetary control too, but first I want to talk about ISIS because that’s real blood being spilt, real heads and limbs being chopped, and alleged terrorist attacks being used/staged to justify the legality of the security and military state worldwide. I can still write if I’m broke.


  4. I will click your link shortly- but yeah- the war is being fought right here in America: a war of attrition; a competition for power.

    International finance is leveraging our troublesome Constitutional privileges- our rights to speak up about police brutality and genocide in exchange for more debt to stay afloat so that blacks can continue to be proxy Jews, and inspire the masses of foreign markets full of “others” with glorious hip hop music about booty and bling!

    Putin is right about it all though: a propaganda war, and constant breaking of pacts and treaties.

    He stops just short of saying that Jews are the ones leading the charge, instead calls them “powerful people”- even he toes the line, and avoids lashon hara.

    He also does business at home with the 6 or 7 people who own Russia- all Jewish as well.

    The race paradigms are the primary discourse of division, but there are the others.

    It’s a change alright- swapping white people out for brown ones- but with the same privileged Jewish propaganda stream, every bit as racist as it always was.

    But because we now know religion is justt an excuse to overlook eugenic infanticide by sociopaths and their enablers, mass media takes the place of superstition.

    How can you terrorize sheep into submission once superstition becomes laughable? Aha! What say we lie to them 24/7 to cover our responsibility for genocide.

    That’ll teach them to shut up…


  5. Theres an interesting mis- translation in you Putin video.

    When he begins to enumerate his gripe ” who did this or that”- he comes to the phrase translated as “Who armed the Syrians who were fighting with Assad?”

    Obviously the interpreter translated ‘fighting with’ in a strange way- and obvioysly, Putin armed those fighting WITH Assad; not those ” battling against” him.


    1. There is a lot of disinformation, and I may be wrong on some supporting points but not the connection… the strongest indicators are Gen. Wesley Clarke and the two Paul Senators. Their intelligence network is much wider than mine. Clarke in particular relates a narrative in another video just after 9-11 that is compelling


    2. Oh yeah, Putin is not blameless by a long shot.
      As for me, I am no longer keeping my mouth shut. If it’s all disinfo promotion meant to smoke out dissidents, and there is really no hope for a decent future…. so be it. I’d rather die a resister than accept the modern slavery system that seems to be closing its jaws.

      I mean, what the hell are we doing as a country?


      1. Meh. I rest assured in knowing that if and when these things get inti the wild, it is because our agencies put it there.

        Anthrax= FBI, LSD=CIA, and so on….we haven’t had a Democracy since the 60’s, and the moral compass of Nazi’s with the best PR dig and piny show money can buy.

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              1. From

                Recommendation: Form a trans-disciplinary permanent working group that can seek orthogonal approaches to key research questions, including: Can laboratory viral adaptation to animals or cell cultures be used to model species jumps? What evolutionary drivers underlie species jumps in wild-type viruses? What human host factors and polymorphisms ameliorate or exacerbate viral pathology?

                Fund Basic Research. Future prediction capability relies on a foundation of basic science that currently exists only in fragmented programs. ‘Gap-filling’ research will yield synergistic benefits and further progress in diverse fields ranging from vaccine and drug development to microbial forensics to biosafety and biosecurity policy. The aforementioned working group should advocate for advancing, among others, three program areas:


              2. You are way more versed than I in epidemiology. I know very little actually.

                But I am pro- science, and increasingly anti- scientist. I had my awakening a few years back as I watched ‘respected’ educators of all stripes devolve into a unified lockstep with police statism.

                Many 60’s. anti-war liberals became Fabians and Progressives instead- not because it is the right path, but because it is the profitable one; the one with fewer jackboots on their necks.

                And through them, I watched how they bastardize the scientific process, in order to subordinate it to political expediency.

                The best example is this evolutionary biologist who worked with the author of the “Rape Switch” hypotheses. For them, it was far more expedient to teach girls rape anxiety and militance rather than to truly envision peace, equality and so on.

                The entire left politic came down to subordinating the narratives of women as independent equalists to the narrative of idealized motherhood ala Berkeley’ Nancy Chodorow, who essentially green lights the sexual abuse of girls by their mothers.

                Hitler did similar if not identical things.

                So, these scientists are essentially anti- science themselves because they have foregone the critical, dispassionate parts, and replaced it with the most vain endeavour of all- political power.

                They are the architechts of these wars, both foreign and domestic, and Americas crime rates, and carceral state are their doing entirely.

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              3. That’s right, science is a methodology and will soon become an arcane knowledge the way we permit select institutions to be the authorities and censors.

                There ought to be no authority in science except for open, logical, reproducible, and verifiable observation vetted through a forum of discussion. Instead “we have this here journal which you better agree with or we’ll take your professorship away.”


  6. Who can know? We are currently being bombarded from so many sides with disinfo.

    In re: the “captured Zionist commander” Yussi with military number Re34356578765Az231434 here is a debunking:

    Regardless if code talk and how agencies and corporations generate buzz, the factscthemselves speak- and the prime fact- the origin if anti-Syrian buzz talk began over a decade ago, in Israel high circles.

    And considering the position of Syria at the gateway to Armenia, and the black sea, all we need to know is that it is another undeclared Fabian war.

    I can’t wait to see how they get financed after Putin’s decisive bombing of the money supply.

    Maybe Madeline Albright will crawl back from the dead and invade Hillary’ s soul, and bring Goebells back from hell with her to work at the New York Times generating headlines like ” Assad planning genocide!!” and “Assad drafting army if unpaid child sex workers!!!

    That will get Americans and tax dollars fully on board….


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