BAP Art: 9-11 Secret Skull (& Bones)

5 thoughts on “BAP Art: 9-11 Secret Skull (& Bones)”

  1. It’s still in court. Same narrative, different epoch: whoever has the power wins.

    But in this case, there’s a caveat: those who write history ( ‘heaven’ is your good name, perpetuated, in Jewish narratology) are forced to come above ground to air the case.

    Considering the main players are dead- the most money to buy the narrative wins- its the Zionist way!


  2. Concerted….interesting word. It all boils down to the question of collaboration.

    The recent movie, the Pianist showed a brilliant, haunting man who finally was liberated.

    What the movie DIDN’T show was that this man is widely believed as a collaborator with Nazi’s.

    I find that there is no actual left in Jewish culture anymore.

    Maybe I just woke up, or barfed the koolaid back in the cup.


  3. Remember that Zionists are nit always Jews, and Jews are not all Zionists- but when the business is too good to pass up, they become one and the same.

    The rest of us are challenged to put coherent language to the acts of these criminals, which is daunting.


    1. I have been reading quite a bit and have a fairly clear line separating Zionists from… Every other human frankly. I don’t think Jews & Zionists have that kind of fluidity. Zionism appears to me to be much more… concerted.


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