Mainstream Media News Is The Ministry of Truth (Orwell’s 1984)

11 thoughts on “Mainstream Media News Is The Ministry of Truth (Orwell’s 1984)”

  1. From your linked article: “probably should have tried to get a closer look while contrasting it with a Google Images search on her phone with the actual ISIS flag to see if it was a match. She could’ve also just asked the person holding the flag. Trust but verify. 101 stuff when broadcasting worldwide…”

    Since when does CNN interact with people who are actually integral to ‘facts’? No media outlet is more unabashedly pro ‘ seekrit official source’ than CNN.

    Can you imagine what a loss for them if the Company provided radio controlled butt plugs that their love child Anderson Cooper wears all day got frothed with Santorum and shorted out? I bet the network would collapse.

    Or worse- we’d have to stumble over to the right wing for some remote semblance of truth ( odd, how Republicans are now forced to cough up rational journalism in the pro-Zionazi propaganda mill era)

    Between that proto-fascist Feinstein, and the rest of the pprogressives, I find it odd that they who worked so hard at speaking up for the voiceless now only crush dissent.

    And, attack the soldiers who they sent off to fight that illegal war to begin with!

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    1. Good links, thank you. I had a suspicion about the media playing up, over-representing racial issues, in the Martin-Zimmerman circus. That CNN-critical commentary did a solid job laying it out on a timeline that makes this fact, and the fact that the decisions are made at a higher level about how to go about inflaming the public.

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