White America: Why Is Asian Racism So Casual & Commonplace?

10 thoughts on “White America: Why Is Asian Racism So Casual & Commonplace?”

    1. To the extent a person can do so, yes, I try to do that. That’s a correct observation. I’ve been away on family issues lately, so pardon the unusually long delays in my responses. Good to see your comments though. I hope you’re well.


  1. I think perhaps- and I say this gently- your own racism gets in the way.

    Can you name ONE head of a major tv studio who is ” white”- not “Jewish?”

    Its so easy to perpetrate racism by blaming the ignorant generic “white” redneck-but he doesn’t have the power, or the agency, a grasp on responsibility to narrative voice,or the wealth that it takes to perpetuate these stereotypes that you consume.

    Jewish tv moghuls do.


      1. Well – we are all inherently racist. Arguable- but provably.

        I only wish to suggest that perhaps you have overlooked your own biased overview.

        We all have it.

        I am suggesting that by laying your troubles with Asian women at the feet of whitey- you might have overlooked the exact reason Asian women dismiss you- your ficus on other men as enemies and competitive oppressirs, rather than allies in a larger dialogue about Asian women self- agency: Asian womens fully informed, sexually charged, and intimately informed exogamous choices.

        It isn’t just skin color- its intellectual excitement!

        Your white girl thing is the same- a revolution against racist narrative- vut you objectify the Asian woman as somehow she needs your “agency” as Asian male to liberate, or vindicate her- she doesn’t.

        And hence, this nible attempt of yours falls flat- because you ADOPT THE EXACT LANGUAGE of racists- that whitey ‘ steals the wimminz’ because um, oppression.

        I have never dated an Asian girl who needed my ‘ power’- in fact, many of them were conquering me- in their fathers behalf!

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  2. Some of this stuff is really upseting, like the comment that was just laughed over on Jimmy Kimmel. But is it fair to say some of it is over-reaching? Like the Asian-American ice skater who wasn’t picked for the Olympic team? Can we say with any certainty that was due to her ethnicity or was it her ability or some other factor? I think we do need to be careful about screaming racism about every (perceived) injustice in the US. We need to get people to listen and take serious the greater injustices first.

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