Asian Women Marrying with White Men: Hypergamy

12 thoughts on “Asian Women Marrying with White Men: Hypergamy”

  1. Its all still theory, and greatly biased in its terminology, which is dreadfully laden with false narrative and myth making.

    For context- especially as concerns evi- bio, lets take it out of context: for decades, fems and prigressives had us believing that men are prine to violence, and women are not; that men can’t help themselves, they must rape.

    Then, the evo- bio prigresdives held up the example of chimpanzees versus bonobos- that chimps solve the problems you pisit by rspe and violence, while matriarchal bonobos solve problems through bonding and sex play- i.e. boy bad girl good.

    But heres the reality: bonobos violence is under studied, and when it is described in the literature, violence is down played. And, most striking, is that bonobos sex, often described as “better” than chimp violence, is in fact so pervasive, that their habits could be called pedophilia- bonobos fuck _ sexually abuse_ anything that walks in their tribe.

    So too the case of “rape” amongst humans- men are presumed rapists in the most famous theory- that of Ruchard Wrangham, who proposed a rape switch in human males- a bioligical ” drive” to rape- as if all men are the same.

    Beyond being a ridiculous leap of logic, he and all progressive- biased researchers conveniently leave out female agency, and female “drives”.

    So- in that theory, all female mammals drive to care for infants includes a grooming behavior called “allo licking” meaning that females lick the young- on their asses and genitals! But of course, we don’t call THAT pedophilic rape- we call it ” nurturing” because, well, wimminz and all.

    So too is this idea that hypergamy exists in the sad state you posit: you deny women ” agency”- as if they are too genetically stupid or weak- not genetically wise enough to go out by themselves and collect new genes!

    As if, somehow, homogeneity is a proper genetic answer.

    Believe it or not, it is also quite possible that these hypergamous Asian women ( the current foil of white female progressives) are in fact sensing genetic death through through homogenous group of origin- that certain pockets of Asia might have come to a point of gene pool stasis.

    And maybe, this stasis is indicatedcto them by the lack of opportunity that is available to them via Asian male chauvinism.

    Put another way- it probably isn’t whitey’s fault at all. And- you left out certain inconvenient examples as well- like blasians? And blackanese in Japan.


  2. Great observation! Hypergamy is really a global trend fully predicted by evolutionary biologist as well. Some authors in this field has written that :rich families wish for sons to carry on the wealth while extremely poor families’ only hope lies in their daughters marrying up.

    If you look at the global picture: Japan and Korea has way more men “marrying out” than women, China has more women marrying out than men, but when it meets Russia, way more Russian women “marry out” to China than Russian men, and when it comes to countries like Thailand and Cambodia, they almost exlusively “export” women. So instead of blaming Asian women for marrying out, please notice that for a huge chunk of them, you see them only because they “married into” America.

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    1. This is insightful, thank you – especially with respect to the dynamics intraAsia. Russia is fascinating to me in this way… not only for the class implications of hypergamy, but also because so much of Russia is in Asia.


  3. Would you say that this is the same be true for Asian men marrying white women? If we take the structure over agency approach, wouldn’t white women serve as social capital?

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    1. I would agree that if Asian men had the same resources, they would be trying to gain access to the same social and financial resources. It is the asymmetry in what each sex seeks to maximize offspring (DNA) viability. For a male the strategy is obviously different for the lack of physical and temporal resources invested in each child.

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    2. It would be disadvatageous for the white female, however, in the sibconscious evolutionary sense because her social status is decreased. I mean, think of the way we refer to WMAF as a common thing and how WMAF interested women are “fetishists” or deviant within their social circles.

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  4. My father, who is proud of his Scandinavian heritage, married a lovely woman from Thailand. The union was the second marriage for both of them. They had a very charming courtship. Dad was a recent widower, my future step-mom was the manager at the local Pizza Hut. The attraction was mutual, from the beginning. Their marriage helped most of our relatives to become ethnically color-blind. She passed away a few years ago. The extended family still remininces about all the good times they shared with her.

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    1. I think that is wonderful, and I believe people would naturally find partners from different backgrounds naturally too… love is a beautiful thing. I am sorry for her passing though your comment shows her positive spirit continues to reverberate in our realities.

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    2. Except some interracial marriages like my parents’ aren’t colorblind and are based specifically on the whiteness of the male.

      You’re being intellectually dishonest if you deny this. You know for a fact that this happens, a lot.


  5. all of that just to say….”In the sometimes heated discussions between Asian American men and women over partner selection, I think this gives us a reason to stop making individual Asian American women the targets of racial frustrations and move onto a more productive strategy that gives us all a fair chance at healthy sex lives… and healthy lives.” true indeed.

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