Reblog: Why Mixed with White isn’t White by Sharon H. Chang

7 thoughts on “Reblog: Why Mixed with White isn’t White by Sharon H. Chang”

  1. What do you think of the term “hapa” for the half-white kid? It’s standard in Hawaii and seems to me to bear no derogatory connotations. (Mostly I hear Asians cooing over the many, many mixed raced kids on the airplane to Oahu: “Hapa babies are the CUTEST!”) But maybe I am missing something?


    1. I tend to favor the term with a nod to ots origins such that it is not appropriated in a disrespectful sense. Hapa meaning half is a useful term demographically / descriptively…. Kip Fulbeck has done much to bring respect back to the name, but I tend to think we all should shy away from grouping terms. : )

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  2. There truly needs to be far more education in regard to genetics and the politicizing of scientific research. Amongst other things.

    Acknowledgment of truth, even when (or especially when) it doesn’t support “white” history/privilege/pride would be better for the world, if used to promote understanding, compassion and love for one another.

    Viz. “white” is due to a tiny recessive, melanin-deficient gene that’s created a whole lotta stank in the world.

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