How a Middle Schooler Gets to Suicide

7 thoughts on “How a Middle Schooler Gets to Suicide”

  1. Wow, that post almost made me cry. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have gone through all of that. I’m so glad you stayed in this world — you have touched so many people through your writing, including me.

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  2. What can I say to this post except that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you had to live the way you did with no safe haven. I’m sorry you had no one to turn to. I’m sorry that your childhood is remembered as painful. But most of all, I’m sorry that suicide was even something you thought about. No child should ever even have those those feelings.

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  3. I am glad you didn’t take your life.
    You weren’t alone, never forget that.
    (Childhoods are rough for most, and it shapes who we are today, well mostly.)

    When I feel like giving up, I always tell myself, “Someone needs you.”

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    1. That’s so true. Especially if you were doing it with a goal of &#il;02he2p8ng people” and “making a difference on the planet.” When you’re passionate about those things, you make even more money.


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