BAP Art: Tiger’s Eye Bouquet

3 thoughts on “BAP Art: Tiger’s Eye Bouquet”

  1. That’s really cool :) I have a chunk of Tigers Eye from South Africa – and it kind of looks like an ashtray but I don’t smoke :) Love what you’ve done with yours – will have to come up with an idea for it too!

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    1. That’s a serious piece of Tigers Eye! Is it flat? if it has interesting patterns, maybe a wall mount near a window or door…. or across from a mirror to let it show ofd that caramel sheen. Do you have other rocks/minerals?

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      1. Yes it’s a relatively big piece – that sheen is amazing and what a good idea, thanks! Maybe I could just put a frame around it as a wall mount – no backing or anything, and maybe even position frame at an odd angle too….Awesome :) thanks for that! Oh and yes, I have crystals and other semi-precious stones – they feel good to be around and are beautiful :) Connects me to my deepest earth where these things of beauty are made in the dark :)

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