Are We Pushing Young Asian Men into Gangs?

5 thoughts on “Are We Pushing Young Asian Men into Gangs?”

  1. Joining a gang = easy sex, drugs, parties and an early death.

    Way better than being a cuckold who gets divorce raped at 40 by a woman that hates you.

    The common trope now is that it’s a better bet to be a piece of shit in order to get what you want, than to be a stand up guy and get absolutely nothing.


    1. But what you’re saying is that it’s better to live for today and have a throw away life than potentially have a great life…not everyone is going to get divorced or live an unhappy life…if these kids are feeling that way then its because they have no hope or support for things getting better…the last paragraph is very important I think, teaching families to be able to communicate (easier said than done, I get that) openly and support the parents because ” do as I tell you” is something these children are seeing as just an option…


      1. Right but if you’re cut off from society from the very beginning, bullied, made fun of, abandoned by your own women, denied job opportunities, then your life essentially becomes worthless. After so many years of suffering hedonism becomes a viable option, as opposed to suicide.

        This is the reason why the black community is the way it is. Faced with a life of nearly constant suffering the only real option is just to attempt to survive and have fun doing it.


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