Reblog: Why Is the New York Times Rendering the Suicide[s]… of Asian-Americans Invisible?

5 thoughts on “Reblog: Why Is the New York Times Rendering the Suicide[s]… of Asian-Americans Invisible?”

  1. The New York Times or Jew York Times, is heavily Jew-run. They’ve also historically been anti-Asian, especially Anti-Asian-Males. The NYT and Jews in general have been anti-Asian Male, or rather anti-goyim, anti-humanity in general.

    So there is your answer.

    Asians beware.


    1. You are probably basing your comments on information I have llllppppfornsic. get to see
      , ninetheless, I’d caution against making a state,emt about all Jews


    2. Well regardless of the strength of the commit the error of lumping everyone in one category. i’m sure there is a Jew or two ,Xhave no idea totally clueless as to ,ps

      Obligous to a segrlo


  2. The NYT surprised me, since I had read in other media about how the suicide rates for Asian-American women had increased. It was a year or so ago, and I don’t remember where, but given the Tiger parent mentality, I didn’t find it surprising. My Chinese-American husband and his younger brother were much better able to let his parents criticism roll off him than was his older sister. :(


  3. As a consequence, we lose vital aspects of the discussion. Absent is any focus on how most universities offer meager and mediocre support networks for Asian American students

    Wow. Thanks for the post. I never knew-or worse, Inever prioritized the information I had correctly. I read aboyut this all the time, but never think of it as “Asian” because so many suicides stories are universal in some way.


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