Reblog: When you don’t give a fuck, paint!

One thought on “Reblog: When you don’t give a fuck, paint!”

  1. Trying this again- it looks like I posted to the wrong blog?

    Trying to post to BAP- but the substance could go to both of you….I quit painting seriously some thirty five years ago, but every now and again I bring out the water colors, or buy a pad of canvas paper and scribble.

    That old guys advice to Yip is great advice. The classic struggling artist paradox is the sell out, where you produce crap for the commercial market- like all of those hardboard monstrosities from the 80’s, that you still see hanging in the seedy Indian motel chains .

    We used splash and throw techniques combined with paint edgers and dry brushes, bright fluorescent colors and little more than good aim tossing paint.

    I apologize for everything I did in that era, except maybe the throwback Provencal stuff with 18″ tall lemons on blue plaid tableclothe canvases.

    Oh- and lots of political street tags in a city known for tag art; a city that never sleeps….

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