Study Finds Significant Faculty Bias Against Asians in Universities

5 thoughts on “Study Finds Significant Faculty Bias Against Asians in Universities”

  1. My university doesn’t even offer an option to state that you are Asian! You can either be “white”, “black”, “colored”, “Indian” or “other”! it’s insane. Needless to say, there are less than 1000 Asian students at my university- most of which are there due to some exchange program.

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  2. I think the broader issue is, as you touched upon- the sexual stigmatization of little boys in general. And, as you have saud, you absorbed degrading medsages about masculinity, which runs deeper than race.

    The entire socialization process IS the process of stigmatizing boys and the men they become. A carefully orchestrated heterosexualy primer that, in America, pre-supposes your secondary status.

    And identity politics isn’t the way to address the issue.

    For example, we could take note of the feminist claim that all women are united by simular issues- abortion rights, birth rights, property rights, etc.

    Men are no different, with a caveat: males gave been socialized to attain wealth, in order to gain status, for what? For the privilege of attaining rights vicarious to womens inherent rights ovet children- which implies choices of racial and even eugenic purposes.

    Men cannot choose abortion, nor are property rights over children given them. Men in the current dialogue are all rapusts, for instance, just waiting for a chance to ‘steal’ access to power via robbing a vagina of its woman.

    So, the narrative conveniently re-establishes the Victorian concept of women who need extra protection- and privilege.

    Yet in the literature of feminism, we see thus sude narrative- thst of eliminating men ( not eliminating male privilege mind you, but men themselves).

    We also see many exampmes of dialogues where children are discussed much as you or I might discuss plant husbandry- as objects whose sexual genesis are impacted by mothering: i.e., children are lab rats for sexual experimentation by mothers.

    And, you night have niticed that in tbe kiterature of child abuse, it is forbidden to discuss womens behaviors with, around, and in interaction with children sexual terms, but mens behaviors are viewed as strictly sexual in purpose, intent, and practice. The classic example is the womans orgasmic response while nursing a child.

    Or, that womens grooming of children is not suspect, even though in many cases it is- classic example is pageant moms, but also moms who dress up their children in general.

    So, it is pissible that you are just feeding that eugenic narrative by discussing identity in racial terms, as opposed to gendered terms.

    Put another way, you feed their narrative by othering yourself for approval; a competitive edge over whitey.


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