Video: Asian Woman Talks About Asian Penis Size

23 thoughts on “Video: Asian Woman Talks About Asian Penis Size”

  1. I admit, REO, as a guy, reading another guys blog- and that guy puts his dick in your face right away is wierd for sure. And gross as hell.

    And, I am transported back to the high school locker room, but this time ( which is important) it isnt just a bunch of local, homogenous, homo curious boys staring at my dick- it is an Asian guy, putting his own dick on the chopping board-out there for himself.

    That speaks loudly, and, also helps other asian guys/ guys do the same. After all- would you be talking here if in fact, a guy who is confident didn’t start a conversation?


  2. By the way,

    Have you read the “Yellow Green Beret”?

    You should definitely check it out. It’s refreshing, novelty and it didn’t deal with “racism”.

    ABC guy from Taiwanese parents, talked about his expedition to receive the most prestigious award “Green Beret” and he didn’t even talk about “racism” in his entire book, well only in the last part of the book.

    We are the worst enemy of ourselves until we release ourselves from our own grave. Until we see the world as a “Humans” instead of always looking through “Race” lens, we will never get out of our brotherly asianhood. For that I hate Fungbrother, the two ugliest Asian guys always talking about stereotypes, bringing up Asians whatever and making money on youtube.

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    1. I agree with that and toward that goal I will post regular stuff about me. Still, the whole “ignore that nonsense” approach alone doesn’t work. I try to address it without paying it too mich service.


  3. I’d say though, BAP,

    It’s sometimes tempting to provoke conversation, delve into insightful discussion, all are worth a try. But over time, those stereotypes become cliché. We can either deny it or outright feel offended. At the end of the day, it’s we who are inadvertently blocking our own progress.

    Nobody but nobody cares about Asian penis size. Well, there are jokes about them, internal circulation of Asian penis, well, who cares? You think I’m getting offended by your post? No. I’m just getting tired of this self-awareness bloggers, blogs, posts, expounding those stereotypes, digging deeper and deeper, until you know it, we’ve already dug enough to bury ourselves in our own grave.

    White women talk about penis jokes? let them do. A guy with 5’4” will statistically have smaller penises than a guy with 6′. That’s biological, that’s nature. Outliers exist, but rarely do they come and debunk the Asian stereotypes. So let it be. Most Asians from Asia, stand rarely above 5’10”. The tallest men among Asian guys are Singaporean guys. But then they’re skinny. All I’m saying is anatomical structure dictates the average length of each body part.

    Just because someone brought that up Asian penis stereotypes doesn’t make one to automatically become “political” bloggers. It’s self-destructive bloggers for entire community. If entire 1.3billions/2 = 650 millions Chinese guys are satisfied with their freaking daily chores, there’s nothing we can do. You can bring refreshing outlook on life, but don’t bring up those Asian stereotypes over and over again. At the end of the day Women (be it Asians, White, whatever color) will look at the socio-economic status of the guy they’re willing to date.

    Does it suck to be Asian guys in this age when dating sucks for us? Yes it does. To look it another way, White hegemony does not come with overnight sensation. It takes hundreds of years of colonialism, discrimination, CEA on gold rush era, to become palpable in this generation. The same goes for Asians as well.

    If you stand 6′, who cares about Penis size? No one will come and tease you about the size if you are tall enough. Yes, if you’re short, especially Asians, the stereotypes become convenient for non-Asians to use as “magic wand” to bash Asian guys then.

    You have dated White girls, so what? Move on with your life instead of becoming another stereotypes digging Asian political bloggers.

    If I am a woman (esp Whites), and know that the guy I have a crush on has some sorts of this mentality, I avoid to my best ability. It’s not because of “discrimination”, it’s because as a woman, I don’t like to deal with those politics and psychological drama. Is it not true that Asian guys have those inner barrier? Of course they are somewhat true. But as a woman, no way in hell, … that’s the nature of women.


    1. Why move on? This is fun.

      We (all of us) seem to have some obstacle to talking about something that matters in the way that implicates our own feelings or sense of well-being. I discuss the matters I do because it affects people close to me, and it affects a lot of people who might feel isolated otherwise.

      I hope people don’t think I’m going around distraught in my waking life. and I certainly don’t wish to bring the stress with my talking about sensitive subjects. I think the rise it gets out of readers is a good indication that there is still some sensitivity around the subject.


    2. I think you have a consistent world view, but it is one that is unconventional, uncomfortable to many. We deal with the reality that our ideas play out in the public arena but are processed in a private way, i.e. as individuals sitting on chairs in front of computers or what have you.

      To engage a person, I find it works better to speak in a familiar language. I acknowledge that there may be ideological concessions made in even using a certain language or vocabulary, but I engage more people who might otherwise have remained completely unexposed or uninclined to reexamine their implicit racial beliefs.

      Consider also that the presence of a more unapologetic voice may serve as a disuasive factor to others who may have wanted to say something racist in a public arena.


      1. I have been living in blogosphere for so long and subscribed their posts. I noticed that you’ve been commenting lately on AMWF site. I learned about your previous dating experience from speakingofchina. That’s why I came upon your blog and began noticing those stereotypes blogs. So I thought I might chime in with my thought. Just now I found that your blogs title has “Hung Asian Man”? Sorry, I’m not gonna lie to you, but I’m not inclined to frequent such a site for so long.

        But since you seem nice to have a discussion, I’m gonna write my last two cents worth of comment here.

        I have a circle of friends, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese (all from Asia), and American born Chinese in my life. I didn’t grow up in the US like you did. So my experience with life can be different from yours. Of course, I might as well dating experience. The reason why I bring up my friends ethnicity is just to point out that they don’t care at all. No one. If you come across “one” out of 20 Asian friends (real “20” friends you hang out with), not FB friends, who is persistently pursuing non-Asian women, then I can say we have to fight for stereotypes and make self-awareness program for our brotherhood. But I’d say, not even “one” Asian guy within my circle of friends are “REALLY” into pursuing non-Asian women. They’re all stuck up with Asian women. Zero interest, nada. They’d say ‘Oh, white women are difficult.” bla bla bla, but in their priority list, they don’t consider “White women” as their wife material at all. They’d agree White women are pretty, sexy, etc etc etc, but nowhere near they will try to work their ass off to build their body, prime their dating game. NO. That’s the bottom line.

        I’ve talked with them, I’ve pointed out media humiliation on Asian men, and they just said “Well, what can we do?” I’m not gonna lie again. I’m not going to be a “hero” for some Asian guys with 5’7”, skinny body, and thought that they’re too good to be driving BMW. Look at those guys. Even if I have a daughter, I definitely advice my daughter not to fall for those guys. Esp Fungbrothers. Because I consider myself, standing tall, build myself, been in Ivy League, and now imaging my hypothetical daughter has to deal with those guys, I can’t stand that. Maybe my age is haunting me with those scenarios. Anyway…

        After some times I found that any guys with biological needs will figure themselves out how to survive in this procreation game. Only the fittest will survive. If they don’t have game, let them be.

        You said, your first crush during your high school led you on and you fell for her. You felt heartbroken. Yes, from what I see is I’ve been heartbroken by Asian women. It’s not about “White Vs Asian” shit test (Those PUA call it.). I see them as “mating game”. Girls will be girls. Boys will be boys. There’s nothing wrong with moody girls leading you on. I’m not downplaying your experience. I’m just pointing out the fact that that’s the way I look at the world. Not through “Race” lens.

        This is my old story if you’re interested. Might I also add that girls don’t like to hear “racism” when it comes to dating “white” and “asian” women. If they are willing to, I’d avoid them.

        Good luck with your next posts. Hope you have “fun”.


  4. Dude- you are waaaay to into it. First of all, she uses Rushton? If I recall correctly, the guy is a proven racist, and maybe even a Holocaust denier or something.

    Second- that chick is an ABC, and about as culturally Asian as Obama. And her whole rhetoric is identical to any white chick out there with huge vagina syndrome.

    Third- and I am always stupefied when guys get hung up …on penis size. Again, you are buying right in to a second voice status, by accepting her dialiguc ploy as a genuine discussion about Asian men, rather than what it is- the unnaccountable, shaming dilaogue of a size queen.

    I mean, when are guys gonna get it that the whole feminist thing is sock puppetting, voice- over narrative from size queens and gender lesbians, using ” attractive” girls ( no offense, but that chick in the video would barely get a look from most Asians I have known; and most sensible people would see the crazy coming by the second sentence from her mouth)

    I mean- why are male concerns penis size instead of huge vaginas? I mean, I have seen a few double fisters in my day, and I can tell you, those women have some issues of satisfaction regardless of how many grocery carts full of melons, cucumbers, bags of rice,
    turkeys; adopted ethnic kids or Phillistine foreskins-or whatever you stuff in there to try to make ’em smile).

    And the argument that these uninformed women with huge unsatisfied vaginas make is that a gaper is natural- for child birth- which is also b.s., because hips are the determiner, and a few other things.

    The white feminists did the same things when they used black men as tools to shit on white men, in their grab at the rung of privilege ( good for the gene pool and the herd in general though) rather than open the huge vagina dialogue on an individual basis.

    And, then there’s the issue of women failing themselves by not being brave enough to vouce there bidy anxieties out loud, or to try to phrase the dialogue more bluntly, and take the risk of social stigma when they come iff sounding racist or assinine.

    So, again, your arguing against a second person narrative- fighting sock puppet gender feminism, and its degrading assaults on your own masculine narrative.


    1. I am not sure what “way into it” means, but if you haven’t noticed I engage everyone – trolls, race baiters, the ignorant, and the educated alike.

      first second third alpha beta… I don’t know what this is. they sound reductionist to me, and i’m more interested in having a conversation of substance.

      I’m possibly also less concerned about how I am perceived, possibly just a function of the being in my thirties, and possibly also because I know I can log off of here and go back to an awesome life in 3d.

      if you think I am taking a social movement backward, I think that is worth talking bout. don’t worry too much for me, I don’t actually think about this outside of my blogging time. i’m too busy sending dirty emails.

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      1. Btw: I wrote something with you in mind- somewhere, you talked about power differentials between eastern women and white men. Do I tried to explain a bit of that in Mei focks Chinese pigs.


      2. Alright- had to re-read my comment first. And I have no idea what you mean by “substantive conversation.”

        Yeah, I can reduce it to one idea:

        Mating age males are, by design, easily sucked into a one sided argument of adequacy _ which leads eventually to mating_,whereas us older guys been there done that already- and we get better conversation when we open with issues of female insecurity, rather than our own package.

        Probably an age gap thing. I was tryin’ ta feel for ya’ bro, and like some old guys do, trying to urge you to look deeper- into the *abyss* of the race paradigm versus gender narratives.

        My bad, I guess.

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        1. Yes, though my goal is to end that discussion on adequacy. There is, insecure internal monologue people seem to acquire.

          I mean, I agree with you if we were talking strictly physical sex, the size of the vagina is likely the most modifiable. But I think that’s about as pointless s solution as any other..


          1. Like yiu, I have an offline life. But online, the small penis memetic damages boys- but girls too, because boys then compete for conquests and feelings get hurt.

            So, what better way to bring equality qaround than a diatomical, anatomical opposite reality? Otherwise we stay in the loop we are hung in from birth.

            That short penis memetic is five generations old, and our womens vaginas are quietly munching away at the resources of othered people overseas.

            They have no sense of equivalency.


          1. Hmmm. Yes, in time. One of the first-yes, odd no not really.

            But there’s a few things that could speed us all up, and putting terns of engagement into new words is what changes the dialogue for everyone- esoecially those poor young guys who don’t have words to combat that particular form of female bullying.

            Some evidence points to the fact that boys who are bullied by girls, and other social stigmatizing and shaming leads to negative things in society- largely because this extra, gendered bullying adds ti what they endure being socialized male.


          1. Ahhh. Social movement….notable goal of many who have come and gone.

            And a topic bigger than this frame here and now. Which, by the way, is where you and I exist.

            And I think that while we export these nible goals overseas, in rhe hete abd now, the competitive discussions of male adequacy have feuled the fully emerged police state.

            Goldilocks is always crying about wolves, as she eats the young.


          2. So, my proposition is that we could end this war if we shifted the dialectic away from males competing for limited sex ” supply” which is the feminist paradigm of power and control. Sex is the carrot used by the wimminz internationale’ to goad men to pre-emptive war.

            The world has no shortage of pissibilities with sexual opportunity- but Hillary Clinton famously limited the rights to travel for men when she was a senator- she deliberately curtailed travel to east, where sex is plentiful.

            And liberal policies locked men of all races in prisons- because they weren’t buying in to the perpetual war scemas of both parties.

            So, while you might see it as ‘ useless to wage war on women’ I say now is the time to begin some infighting.

            It starts here, with a language of equivalence. Not a war- but a real dialigue of change. And it is complex, but possible.


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