Video: On Street Polling on Asian Male Attractiveness

One thought on “Video: On Street Polling on Asian Male Attractiveness”

  1. I almost married an Asian man and the reasons I did not had nothing to do with race, culture, or ethnicity. I am Caucasian and aboriginal (First Nations in Canada). I have found men of all races and ethnicities atractive. Sure, there are physical attributes I appreciate, but I have found these attributes in men of all races. He was generous, kind, gentle, and know how to pleasure a woman. No, the reason I didn’t marry my Asian suitor was because I was too young and we had only known each other for a few months. He was heading back to Hong Kong and thought I would fit into his life. I wanted to finish college (I was only a sophomore). I wanted to remain close to my family. I wasn’t sure what we had was sustainable over the long run, not enough to marry him that quickly, anyway. I did love him, as much as my young self could. I wonder about him from time to time and wish him health and happiness.

    Why do I share this? Because while I know differently, it saddens me that these stereotypes exist. I have never met an Asian man who fits these stereotypes. We need to start seeing people as people, not stereotypes. I know that’s simplistic and doesn’t come close to addressing the insidious threads of racism that are woven throughout the very Western culture in which I live. But maybe change starts with one blog and several like minded people being open about racial identity and how racism can destroy individuals – both the ones holding onto racism, and the objects of that ignorance, fear, and hatred.

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