Twitwit Attempts to Racebait…

8 thoughts on “Twitwit Attempts to Racebait…”

  1. Thanks for the like on ” angry asian man id angry….” .
    I have a couple other posts about Asians and language, and race in general. I especially have fun with white female privilege- the most deadly entitlement EVER.

    Best Regards-
    Poppa Gander

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    1. Holy crap, I spent five minutes on your blog, and there is a lot going on. Thanks for checking me out. I’m opinionated, so you’ll be seeing me in ya comments.


  2. It’s like arguing with an 8 yr old. Sadly, many people grow older without growing wiser. And that guy didn’t really deserve an ounce of your time. He’s a perfectly coherent bonehead.

    But yeah… sometimes it’s difficult not to get sucked into online netizen “wars”.
    I was called a “race traitor” by a Korean guy who followed a link to my erotic lit blog last week. He said “White trash like you are the true racists for destroying pure races” –“debate” ensued– and the last thing he said was “MOO HOO, DAS WAYSIS!” and I realized the time I wasted, although a couple of minutes.
    My last remark was, “Hahahaha… Fin


  3. Some times it doesn’t take an ignorant white guy to pit groups, I’ve had one or two Chinese men over the years feel I have degraded myself because my ex is Japanese. I even had one that said his family would never “allow” him take Japanese “leftovers”, ouch …that wasn’t just a bit hurtful…WW2, and I can see why, has left a bitter taste for many even now…

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    1. Weird. Not all Chinese guys are like that. I think most don’t really care. But in their defense the perceived Rape of Nanking was equivalent to slavery / Holocaust. I don’t know why, it’s not my business, I don’t know the true history or what they teach in Chinese schools but I’m guessing it’s probably the same level of consternation as leveled against the Nazis and white slave owners. So a black guy might feel slighted by a black woman getting together with a white guy. Life is complex.

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