Guest Post: Body Language by GXL – Part II of II

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Body Language by GXL – Part II of II”

  1. BAP,

    Hah, funny that you say that about modesty. The truth is, I feel like I just woke up and my coming of age adventures have just started. I’m normally a very closed off person and I don’t have nearly as many stories as you do. I like your blog because it is unfiltered. I look at it and think “whoa, someone kind of went through some of this already”.


    Trust me, I won’t make the same mistake again.



  2. Oh, wow! Thanks for the nod! That surprised the hell out of me. I had to go read that twice.

    Well, I am glad she ignored your cold shoulder and hugged you anyway. But I wish she had jumped you earlier.

    Yes, GXL, no more beating yourself up. Seriously. Anna’s JUST as much to blame for dragging her feet as you are. Over HOW many years? Good grief, Anna! It’s 15 years past a new millennium. You like a guy these days, you can just ask him out. I mean, the work thing can be tricky, yes, but give it a shot. Right after “I love sushi,” one should say, “there’s a new place I wanna try, do you want to check it out with me?”

    You like a guy, GO GET HIM. No damned unicorn was ever found while sitting around at home, pining and texting. ;)

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