Reblog: 7 Things My Biracial Sons Will Be Asked Because They Look More Asian Than White

8 thoughts on “Reblog: 7 Things My Biracial Sons Will Be Asked Because They Look More Asian Than White”

  1. LOL They’re not allies. There’s nothing manly about playing the role of a cuckold, which is what you’re doing by still psychologically needing women who have ditched you. That is a horrible example to set for a young boy. He will imitate your weakness and servitude to those who are taking the role of supporting the institutions that discriminate against you.

    Minimize contact and otherwise maintain neutrality in those instances you have to interact. In case you’re not familiar, step into the for a community of guys who understand this issue much better than you do. If that doesn’t suit you, you can step into instead. I won’t bother you anymore. I can’t reason with you, if you can’t handle it emotionally. Stop chasing them.

    PS. It’s too bad your blog isn’t named BigPackage instead of BigAsianPackage.


    1. The virtual silence of any blogs specific to the subject of sexually bashing Asian men is what prompted me to write. I call anyone who wants to help change this negative image an ally. If Hypermegaglobal Corp. said, hey, we want to make millions of dollars promoting the sexuality of Asian men, I might not like everything else they’ve said or done, but we have a common interest – one that I’m willing to use to further my particular goals.


    2. The point is, I’m not an ideological purist in my writings here. I’m a strict pragmatist. Whatever moves the ball down the field is the play I run. If you prefer a rush offense, that’s cool, but I’m moving the ball.


  2. lol no wonder Hapas are so fucked up in the head. Why waste your time with this women? There’s no closure for you, and you’re not a better person for trying to engage in dialogue with her. There are alot of great women, Asian or otherwise, that value Asian men by their actions and not by their cheap words, which conveniently come because she has “Asian looking” boys.

    She chose white patriarchy. The operative word being “chose”. Every study shows that race is a high priority for female’s mate selection, but low for men. Every Asian male in the West knows this intuitively. You got losers that are white, but minority females will still bring them into their bed over a decent looking Asian guy.

    We don’t live in barbaric times or countries. Men can’t force women to marry them or have children with them. Men express interest, but it’s women who are the deciders of whom their sleep with and reproduce with. She made her choice.

    Remember, expressions like “my word is my bond” is a male expression. Loyalty, Honor, Duty are characteristics that trigger male emotions throughout different civilizations and races. Women do not feel that at nearly the same rate as men, nor do they prioritize it when they do. Men must forge themselves, and leave behind the women who’ve abandoned you.

    When it comes to women, observe her actions and ignore her words. We are merely in the process of filtering out her kind. The value of Asian society, culture, and innovation, which is run by Asian men is rapidly rising by every single measure from business, media, technology to genetics. Build your resources, help illuminate your fellow Asian men, and build loyalty to Asian women and all women who pass your critical observation. Be ruthless to the Asian women, who embraced the men who mock her fathers and brothers. They’re not Asian anymore.


    1. I think I’ll have to post something more in the blogroll because there is a lot of truth to what you say. No one really reads my comments sections And depending on when and where, I’ve felt hateful, vengeful, and really just… despair. There’s a lot I disagree with too, but not because it isn’t truthful… it’s because I’m pragmatically driven here (on this blog). I’m on a mission here… to make my nephew’s life better. I’m normally more prideful, competitive… but he is 4 now, and I need to understand perspectives that bring me allies. So know that I am getting on stage and swallowing some pride. To me, protecting his family is what a “real” man does.


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